Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Wow, I have just got up and the day looks absolutely gorgeous! Not a cloud in the sky, yipee, I can get my tan back! I'm off to the gym again, supposed to be going for a big walk in the sun, maybe not! Might be too hot, so I'll do the treadmill inside instead I think. Might even have another swim, loved it yesterday.


Well, another fun day at the gym, did 45 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the exercycle, then 10 lengths of the pool (500 metres), followed by a 30 min sauna (just cos I could!). Zipped home on Lisa's scooter (fun), and am now having my breakfast at 11.45 !! I so can't face food first thing in the morning, I know it's bad not having "breakfast", but I never have.... too old to change now me thinks. I DID have it last weekend on the de-tox though. I am just loving the raw rolled oats, apple juice and banana I'm having right now.... later....

UMMM , forgot to mention before, I took my pedometer swimming again... IT DIED. When will I learn??? That's another $40 down the drain (or in the pool).. I am such a twit !

Just spent 2 hours outside with Brylee and Griffin, I filled their paddle pools (1 each), and put on the sprinkler, so they had a lovely time. I also gave Izzy a bath outside, she didn't seem to like it, but is looking much happier and cooler now. Such fun ! later...

This is an improvement... Brylee's hair was wet from playing outside, so I just left it and it's dried looking really cute! Obviously it's brushing it that makes it frizz.

End of the day, have been sooo good with my food, no slip ups whatsoever. I am feeling peckish, so will be heading off to bed shortly to read and get away from the pantry... I'm a sad tart. Just watched Ugly Betty, looks like a lovely programme, just another one to add to my "must watch" list... so many good one's are coming back... Grey's, House, Boston Legal... all favourites. It makes it easier to get on the exercycle at night if there's something interesting to watch on the telly eh?

Anyway, can't post any steps, and the one I want to replace it with won't be in the shop for a few weeks, and I am going to wait for it... so no step totals for a while (darn). nite nite.


  1. Awesome day!! Yea I'm pretty sure I'm heading back to the gym, (will still do some aqua) wouldn't mind being nosey and seeing you have a go on the vibe machine at some stage. Now of for a walk before it gets too hot.

  2. Hi there, just me here. Great to see your back. I can sooooo relate to that sickening feeling when you know you have put on weight and almost can't bare to face the reality of what you've done. I was doing soooo well prior to christmas and was enjoying seeing the scales slowly creeping down. Just after New Years I finally bit the bullet and hoped back on my home scales and could have almost cried when I saw I had regained 6kg in two weeks. I worked darn hard to get that 6kg off (it had taken almost a month) and in two weeks it was all back. It was very tempting to think, well there goes all my December efforst, but I HAD to remember that I had lost 4kg in November and another 4 in October, so I was still 8kg down in total. REMEMBER, you are still soooooo much down on your 100+ days, all is not lost. I think we are all pulling ourselves up by the boot laces and getting back into it. WE CAN DO THIS. Take care Lynise

  3. Beautiful day here today too. Doesn't it make you feel so much better. Wow! You sound full of energy!

  4. HI been missing catching up with you. In the wars here. If you get a cream or spray from a hair place and put it in Brylees hair when wet it will also help define the curl and avoid the frizz. My sister has the same hair. Just ask at a hair warehouse and give it a try. Glad to hear you are back into healthy living. Makes you feel much happier doesn't it?

  5. Bummer bout the Pedometer. lol.... guess they don't like water much ay

  6. Playing in the sprinkler sound mighty tempting right now! But without my pedometer...

  7. oh no about your pedometer!!
    Good work at the gym though! and Brylee does look cute - dont brush it! LOL

  8. You are sounding sooo pumped..
    30 minute spa OOHHH how lucky you are..

    I was stuck in my little office that I call a toilet all day he he he.. my office is so tiny it looks like a toilet he he he.

    Isn't she adorable... I agree with Michelle a little bit of product will help it stop being so frizzy. I also went to a hairdresser and they gave me a product that you put in for 10 minutes every couple of weeks and it makes it less frizzy. You might want to talk to them.

    Love CM


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