Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Hi, so it's raining ... and we are trying to get organised for the big trip home tomorrow.... the biggest thing is getting all the linen washed, dried and away before we go. I have had the clothes drier on all day so far!

We did the big wander around town this morning, and ended up having SubWay for lunch.... so yummmmm. I know I didn't have a "healthy" one, but it was better than a bloody pie! Roll on tomorrow is all I can say, once we are home I can get back into my "no coke" as well. I have missed the soda stream, and to buy stuff up here is darn expensive, so I have fallen back on the diet coke, as it is one of the cheapest drinks in the supermaket. WE have spent a fortune on food while here, it is much more expensive as they have a monopoly on the market... no competition.

I don't feel bad about the coke tho, contrary to some people's opinion, it is NOT A CRIME to drink it !!! And I know I can stop drinking it just like that *!#*!

Well, I better get back to it, Stew and the kids are cooped up at the house and I'm not there to help.... later.....

DOH - I just found how to read and publish comments.... thank you ladies for the lovely remarks ... hee hee he. If I have asked you to make a comment already.. ignore me! Thanks again.
later..... like tomorrow night once we are safely home.


  1. Hey mummy darling. Your house is beautiful, your garage is beautiful, your dog is beautiful :D. We miss your cooking. Love the lazy ones whom you love so much!

  2. Sorry, darling, but you're impossible to ignore!

  3. Hi Hu,
    Thankyou for your birthday wishes which I think did come through on Monday 8th.
    I am offically on the wrong side of 40......41 NOW....BOOOHOO but so what..I'm 41 and I am going to enjoy every day of living, life is for the living as they say.

    Happy belated birthday to your hub.

    Hey! Must say, so what that you have been drinking coke as long as you enjoyed what you had at the time and we and you know you can stop drinking the coke...easily, you have before and when you get home you will again be equipped with the tools that help....the good ole faithful soda stream, so no problems there eh.

    Sorry to read that you had nasty comments, not nice at all and no need for it either but you dealt with it
    1, ignoring it
    2, activiating the comments moderator.

    Okay have a safe journey home

    Take care
    Linda x


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