Thursday, January 25, 2007


This is so weird, I'm already feeling nervous about weigh in on Saturday, probably because I havn't been 100% good this week.... silly me. So, I'm off to the gym again this morning (doing well there) and when I get home I am going to plan my meals for today and STICK TO IT.

I know sometimes I get shitty and eat cos I'm mad/annoyed etc, so must try to get over the emotional eating shit... got mad with Stew last night and ended up having more dinner than I intended... the stupid thing is I didn't feel any better, I felt worse. MEN, can't understand them sometimes! later...

Another good gym workout, and I even swam in the rain! Lunch today: coleslaw, surimi, tiny piece of edam cheese and beetroot. All for 6 points. Have been trying to remember to eat something in the dairy family, I can easily forget as I don't take milk with anything and don't eat yoghurt either. So a wee bit of cheese it is..... once a day, as long as I remember... must look after me bones eh?

A long afternoon looms, it's wet and miserable outside, wonder what I can do??? later...

Just got my mammogram results in the post, my boobs are A OK... no sign of breast cancer.... so that's neat. To tell the truth I had completely forgotten about the exam, so wasn't even wondering or worrying.
I've just finished preparing Mike's room for painting, yeah thanks 14pk! Now I have to put the darn undercoat on, and that stuff bloody well stinks, a real chemical smell that makes me eyes run....I am blaming you 14pk! Then again, I did need something to do to stop me nibbling....

I didn't do the undercoat.... sat on me arse and read a book! bliss. cooked family dinner, steak and home made wedges..... had some steak myself too. Yum.
Poor Mike has to sleep in his room with no curtain for the time being, took them down to strip the paper and won't put them back up till I've done the painting..... poor boy won't be able to even pick his nose (or anything else) without the neighbours seeing, ha ha ha. I'm not nice.

Am off to bed now, want to read for a while to try and fall asleep quicky and not stress about bloody weight again. nite nite


  1. Oh hun I do understand (big hugs)... now is the time when you know you do it... to think of what else you can do when you are in that situation again!!!

    I love reading your posts!!! You are so bubbly and straight to the point... I wish sometimes I was straight to the point he he he

    You have enough time to rectify it hun... just be really good and go to the gym and stay with your points.

    Love CM

  2. PAINT!!! heheheh its very engaging and rewarding!!!

    i'm going to copy you and STICK TO THE PROGRAMME TOO!!!

    it works...we know it..we just have to DO IT!! goo us!!

  3. Whoot, congratulations on the exam result! What a relief. Sounds like you are going great guns with the exercise and onto it with the eating. I think we'll always eat a little more in times of stress :-)

  4. Men! Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em!

  5. Yes that would be nice Hun... re your message.
    Love CM


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