Monday, January 01, 2007


Well, another year bites the dust.... Stew and I had a lovely quite "twosome" New Year's Eve... put Brylee and Griffin to bed (they were out to it in seconds), and we sat up a had some evil snacks and dips, a few drinks and then off to bed at midnight..... and did the time honoured thing and had a New Year nookie.... hee hee he!!!
Woke up this morning to the most glorious fine day, a fine mist covering the hills and water which cleared quickly, and I finally got to lie in the sun and start on me tan.... luckily I did it in the morning cos by the afternoon we had a small thunderstorm !!

It is just so nice here, blobbing out and enjoying the knowledge that I don't have to do anything.... no housework, painting, screaming at kids, vacuming, etc etc. I am loving it. My only concern is that I am eating too much, but I'm over it. When I get back from holidays I shall start the repair work, with gusto!

Tomorrow it's the Keltic Fair, and I hope to find something special for my hubby's birthday (8th January), and see my dearest friend again.
At the moment I'm waiting for our dinner to cook, pizza at the local pizzeria, there is a 45 minute wait.... there are just so many people here!! WE havn't been to Whitianga at this time of year in ages, we usually come up in the last two weeks of January... this place is booming I tell ya..... it's like the Mount.... MAD MAD MAD crowds, and young teenage boys and girls everywhere.

I hope to get some pictures up soon, just have to find the time! till then, I shall continue to have a fantastic time.....later.....


  1. Glad to hear you are actually relaxing. Enjoy it all.

  2. Happy Birthday to hubby on the 8th January....SAME DAY AS MINE and the same day as Elvis Presely....yeeeehaaaa

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday


  3. Jealous of your lovely holiday...
    Enjoy the peace and quiet - hope you get more of a chance to work on your tan.


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