Monday, January 15, 2007


I am off to the gym !! Hope they don't give me a hard time for being away so long... ha ha ha. I have lots of friends there who usually tell me off if they havn't seen me for a few days, hell, I've been away for 3 weeks !!!

Poor Mike gets to babysit Brylee and Griffin from now on in the mornings, at least until school starts again, and that is still 3 and a half weeks away. My god, how did they end up getting 7 and a half weeks holiday??? It's crazy, far too long, even for the kids. Brylee wanted to go back today, I mean, Daddy is going back to work, so we should be going to school ! later....

Eeee Gads, that was hard! But I did it all, and I feel fantastic! And I'm still doing well with the food, have had rolled oats, apple and banana for breakfast, and apple juice. So yummmmm. Plan on having my "MAIN" meal at lunchtime... brown rice, salmon and coleslaw, with a wee bit of lite mayo. I can't thank Sue enough for introducing me to brown rice! Organic too no less, must be good for me.

Below are some up close pictures of the leadlight panels across the front of my Mum's beach house, they are awesome! We get heaps of people stopping to look and take photos, and tour buses full of Asians stop and get out and look too... so funny. We sit and wave regally at them.

They really are beautiful ..... later.... about the beach house, Mum and Dad bought it about 28 years ago, it was an exisiting house with the most tiny kitchen/dining/lounge room, two bathrooms, 4 bedrooms.... they extended out the front in 99-2000 to make the kitchen/dining/lounge rooms and two of the front bedrooms much bigger. In fact the kitchen/dining/lounge are HUGE and have the most amazing views for miles. So does the master bedroom, it has tinted windows so you can lie in bed and look out across the water without anyone seeing you. So nice to wake up to. It was just finished when my Dad fell off the Whitianga wharfe and drowned..... shit happens eh?


End of another lovely day, I was good all day, no problems with the diet, exercise or anything. Did all my planned exercises, so am happy with myself.

Steps: 10454


  1. What lovely leadlight windows, no wonder people stop.

    Sue was saying she felt a wee bit hungry while Detoxing, did you feel hungry the 2nd day as you said you were good on the first?

  2. I love the windows - did your mum build or buy the house?

    Well done Chris - you are back into it again!

  3. Good on you for making it to the gym - the first visit back is the hardest. And the windows are stunning!


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