Saturday, January 13, 2007


I'm off to weight watchers in less than an hour, I feel SICK ! I know what my scales say, so it's bad... but I have to do this now, or I never will. And once I've started weighing every week, it will slowly drop off again. I'm just ashamed of myself really, allowing myself to gain so much after working so hard to lose 61 kilos.

Weird thing is, I don't think I look too bad? Maybe it's just because I ain't as huge as I used to be? Dunno. The thing is tho, I am not happy being this size, it is not where I want to be, so am going to pull finger and start again. I don't think I shall be posting what I weigh right now, there are people who read this blog who might take great delight in rubbing it in my face... so won't go there.

So, I did it!! Not only did I weigh in, I bought a summer season pass ($216), so am committed to weighing in for the next 16 weeks... if I don't I have paid for nothing! I was exactly the weight my scales said (ain't telling), and my poor Leader did a double - take when she saw how much weight I had put on since my last weigh in.... which was last FEBRUARY !!!

So, it's done now, the worst part is over, now I can move forward and weigh in every week.... and lose weight! Just watch this space.

Am doing the de-tox today and tomorrow.... later...

Doing good .... been to town, the kids had an ice-cream and I had a cup of ice... then we went to the park and we all had a ride on the Esplanade Train. The de-tox is going great, couldn't manage to eat all of the rice and veges... I was full ! I feel really motivated. It is sooo hot today tho, can't imagine doing much exercise. later....

Its the end of the day, I have followed Sue's de-tox programme to the "T", and No, I have had no diet coke.... last consumption was Wednesday. Ain't having any more unless I am out and really feel like one, or am having a Bacardi and Coke. I don't think I need to commit to having NONE ever again, but I know that my days of drinking 3 litres a day are over for good.

Forgot to put my pedometer on today, what a shame! lol Have done bugger all today. Still in holiday mode me thinks. Nite nite.


  1. You're right there - the worse part is over!!! Good on you Chris and will be there to support you! Have a great weekend:) Good luck with the de-tox.

  2. Yeah, I bought a spring season pass and ended up only going to weigh in about twice. What a waste of money!
    All downhill from here honey - every step is a step in the right direction. You can do it and Anne is right, we are all here to help you on your journey!
    Have a great week.

  3. OHHHH I so know the feeling the first weigh in after a while is like but that is done!! It is over with and you are going to do this and I am here to support and cheer as much as you like...Woohoooo hun well done.

    Love CM

  4. Had any diet coke?

  5. Good on you for going back!! and buying the summer pass - I am sure that will make you keep going!
    Sounds like you are doing really well already - but a cup of ice?! eww


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