Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Well, after a long, long trip we are finally home... left Whitianga at 9 this morning, had a stop in Tokoroa for lunch and to put fresh flowers on the graves of my Dad and two brothers, and then home by 5.
Since then we have been unpacking, getting washing on, and generally tidying up... NOT that the house was a mess !!! Steve and Lisa had done a wonderful job keeping the place tidy... lovely wee teenagers eh? lol

Me thinks they knew better than to have it a mess when I got home, they have heard me scream a "few" times .... ha ha ha.

While it is nice to be home, now that I am I can see all the bits and bobs I need to do... like tidy up the linen cupboards, the kids drawers, the pantry (actually, done that already since getting home!), and a few other things that will get up me nose until I sort them out. I am a borderline obsessive compulsive tidier I think !!! I drive my family nuts, I know I do !

I am too scared to get on the scales, so am going to be putting me head in the sand for a while till I've had a chance to "repair" some of the damage..... chicken that I am. I know I've gained weight, my bra is digging into me .... not to mention me knickers!! Visualisation is not necessary by the way.

We havn't seen Steve (at work) or Lisa (asleep) yet, so that will be nice.... Griffin has missed them so much and can't wait to jump on them again... cute. And we had Brylee's hair cut off while away as well, so they will be surprised when they see her. It's all "fluffy" at the moment, hopefully it will settle down eventually. She had very fine, fly-away hair and lots of it, and it's just gone beserk.....

Photos later.....


  1. Great to hear you had a good holiday. Looking forward to your regular post again.


  2. Welcome back and LOL at the post from 'the teenagers'!


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