Saturday, January 27, 2007


lMAO... !! Don't know about being hot in my jacket Helena, but thanks anyway!!

Couldn't sleep again last night, I am sure I shouldn't be stressing so much about weigh in anymore! It's not like I havn't been doing this for ages and ages! I wish it didn't worry me so much, there is more to life than what I weigh!

Hope the weather is nice today, it would be neat to head out to Himitangi again with the kids and dog.... if we can get the garage door open! They took away the whole automatic opening mechanism, it's gunna cost over $500 to get a new one, fuck! So for now we have to try pushing it up manually, I'm sure the guys can do it.

Lost some of me post?
Bugger, gained .500 grams, my scales said I'd lost .500, but weight watchers say gain , damn and blast. Oh well, that just makes me that much more determined to do better next week!
Went out for lunch and had planned to have an evil evil lunch, but once I got there I didn't want to pig out, so just had a shrimp cocktail.... nothing else. WAs rather pleased with myself. I did however, have a diet coke.... so yum.... only drink it on saturday. That's my day off... shoot me if that's evil !

Stew and I went grocery shopping this afternoon, I swear to God it's a wonder we don't leave there and head straight for the "poor house", we have to spend so much! Now we broke again. Story of our lives. later...

I read this on Mary's blog, have changed a word or two, but the gist is almost identical....I loved it....:

"Succeeding is not about reaching your goal, it's about the growth, the journey and where it takes you".

I believe in order to reach our goals we do have to learn life lessons along the way, and we don't do it alone. In some way, we all take other people along with us, and we learn from them, as they learn from us. I think this is neat. Soppyness over. I'm not into soppyness really, but this just "hit the right note"...
Gunna go now, nite nite.


  1. I hate how our bodies fluctuate so much! It's just not as easy as standing on scales and going Yup that's it.


  2. Hun... sorry about the gain but I can see by your posts that you are not going to let that worry ya!! You are a determined lady and an inspiration.

    Love CM

  3. It's so easy to vary within a kilo, you'll prolly have a good loss next week :)

  4. Yikes, damn that garage door and the gain but it sounds like you know what you're gonna do and kick it! :-)

    Hehe...thanks for liking what a wrote *blush* and I think your changes make it sound better! Yeah, I can be a pretty soppy chick but this whole blogging thing makes us soppy I reckon LOL. It's infectious!

  5. Those weight watchers scales are "demons" .... espesially when they show gains!!

    Love the "soppy" story ...sooooooo true!!



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