Saturday, January 20, 2007


I can't sleep, again. Anyone would think I was off to the bloody dentist today the way I feel. I couldn't get to sleep last night till after 2am (partly nerves, partly noisy teenagers), and I woke at 5am... and that was it. So I'm up, and wondering what to do to kill time till I am off to Weight Watchers.... Everyone is still asleep so can't do the vacuming... ha ha ha.

Might be getting my scooter today, not sure if the bike shop is open cos it's a long holiday weekend. Will find out later I suppose. EXCITING !

So, wonder what I've lost???...later... Well that was fun! I lost ... 2.5 kgs !!!!
I have never felt so relieved, I was so thinking I'd not lost much. WOOOO HOOOOO
We are now off back into town for lunch, and I think I am picking up my scooter too! later...

Ok, now I'm a "bikey chick" LMAO !!! It is very cute, goes well, looks fine. Ok, it's not a Harley Davidson Helena, but it's cute!

We had a lovely lunch at Breakers, fast becoming a lunchtime favourite. The kids had burger/hotdogs with chips followed by a chocolate sundae. We had Burger/Chips (Stew) and Chicken sandwich/chips (Me), but I didn't eat even 1/4 of the chips. I'm back to my usual "saturday" off routine, where I allow myself to have whatever I fancy (within reason), then back on track for 6 days. It works for me, you don't end up denying yourself 24/7 and end up having a huge blow-out.

Now I'm kinda tired and might just have a Nana nap... only got 3 hours sleep last night.... later...

Didn't get me nap, ended up watching Mike, Lisa and Steve all have a go on the new scooter.... all thought it was cool! Even Mike, who a while ago said he wouldn't be seen dead on one... ha ha.

Both my kayaks get picked up tomorrow, so that's great, will have room in the garage for the scooters, Lisa's and mine.

Been evil today food wise, but hey, it's my day off. Well, that's me for the day... nite nite.


  1. Good luck at WW Chris. Whatever the numbers are just suck them in and move forward. You are back on the right track now loving your exercise don't let the fact you have put on get you down. This year kilos be gone!!

  2. Happy new year and congrats on getting back on track WOOHOO!

  3. Whoohoo love the scooter - and congrats on a great loss:):)

  4. Great loss and I love the scooter. Very cool.


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