Monday, January 22, 2007


Ok, it's not cold, but it is raining... when are the gorgeous summer days finally going to get here and stay for a while?
I'm off to the gym this morning, Stew is looking after the kids, yaaa.
Both my kayaks were picked up (and paid for) yesterday, so finally we have room in the garage again... my scooter looks so cute in there... hee he. Amazing how such a small thing can boost your mood ... wonder when the novelty will wear off? later..

Home again, had a great workout, swam in the rain (lovely), and when I got home it was straight onto the vacuming... my house is such a mess with everyone home... those darn kids have fry ups in the middle of the night and leave it all on the bench for us in the morning , the shits. I would love to kick 'em out to go flatting, but they simply can't afford to go. One day.... later....

This afternoon, summer came back, so we headed off to Himitangi Beach with the kids and Izzy. Our Izzy had never been to the beach before and she LOVED it. So did we. I got lots of extra exercise cos I was running up and down the beach with her.... If she was not on her lead we would never have kept up with her, particularly when she spotted a seagull !! I think she would have run for miles chasing them.

The highlight for Brylee was when she got to piddle in her pants and dunk her bum in the water to clean off.... very funny. Home now and getting ready to cook nachos for dinner, so yum... later...

A quiet evening here, dinner - had too much, if I'm not careful I will gain this week!

This is my 100th Post since I started this blog, and I am still loving it. I have "met" lots of lovely women, on line and in person. Thank you all so much for helping me on my way to goal again..... and being my "friends". Gunna go to bed now, nite nite.


  1. Not raining here yet, but I guess it's on the way!

  2. Sounds like you had a fun day at the beach.

    Hey - and well done on your loss!!! Very impressive and all your hard work is paying off!

  3. Hey hunny
    Thanks for being our friend also!!

    WELL DONE on the loss at your weigh in...fab!

    I have just been lazy and not updated for a few days...tut tut! But I will today and thanks for your posts.

    Linda x

  4. Hey ya,
    Thanx so much for your lovely comment. Can't believe W is being such an idiot. (a little out of character to be mean, but is quite sucessful at it when he decides to be). I'm also hoping the rain stays away too. We have 5 acres of blueberries that need to be harvested and rain is the last thing we want/need at the moment.
    The pickers/packers are all doing there thing, and I'm already feeling like a headless chicken and its only day two of the season. (arrrrgh) Have a great day. Ciao for now


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