Friday, January 19, 2007


Can you tell what dominates my life at the moment??
Am off to the gym again this morning, after 4 days I am finally feeling a bit sore in a few places, especially my shoulders and arms (swimming), but not too bad. I thought I would be dying by now actually, so am quite pleased with myself. Must have been fitter than I thought.

I've got two HUGE baskets of washing to be folded sitting in the dining room, and do you think anyone else in this house would think to do it?? NOOOOO, they all walk past it as if it ain't even there. I tell ya, sometimes I just want to go on stike and see how long it takes for them to run outta clothes! Now I know it wouldn't affect Steve and Lisa cos they never wash anything anyway, but maybe Mike and Stew would notice ! I am sick of being a housewife, it sucks.
Rant over... later....

Ok, done the gym, am knackered! I think it has finally caught up with me. Am off into town shortly with Brylee and Griffin, taking them to lunch cos they have been such good kids this week. Wonder if I can get away with NOT taking them to McDonalds? later...

Had a quiet afternoon, did some of the washing (shitty), shaved me legs (1kg gone - lol), cooked sausages & bought chips for dinner (had none), and shortly I'm off upstairs to do some free weights (for me arms) and then have a sauna. Wish me luck for tomorrow.... nite nite.


  1. Hey Chris - how about I won't weigh if you don't!! I keep weighing daily thinking this walking/tracking must be doing some good - but not a gram gone:-(
    Must try and stay away from them!!

  2. Sounds like you are well and truly on track with eating and exercise. Good luck with your weigh in.

  3. I can understand that feeling of wanting to go on strike. I get like that with only one child and a male in the house. Just to let you know I think your wonder woman doing the whole housework etc day in day out. I wouldn't last a month. At the moment I have two teenage boys in the house and can't say I'm going to miss all the extra cups they leave lying on the bench. (think males have an allergy to opening the dishwasher and popping them in). Thankfully for me I don't have the numbers you do on a full time basis, as I would have gone stark raving mad by now. Your amazing chick a dee. ciao for now.


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