Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I'm feeling a bit tired, probably cos of the painting yesterday, gawd it was hot doing the hallways! Good exercise though, my arms are telling me about it this morning.

Am off to the gym again today, I'm really pleased I'm back into a routine, even though it's still the school holidays. Mike is a godsend, he drags himself outta bed every morning to watch Brylee and Griffin for me, ain't that so nice? He's a lovely guy.

Don't have much planned for today, have to find someone with a current passport to witness our passport applications, so that's high on the list of "to do's"... Michelle: surimi is this stuff that looks like fish, tastes like fish, but probably isn't! I think it might be crabmeat pressed into a block and made to look like fish! Whatever, it is very low in points and tastes lovely in a salad. later...

Here is a photo of one of the nicest things Stew has bought me lately.... LMAO !!! The roller extends so I can reach right up to the roof and don't have to stand on a box or chair... hmmmm, what a good idea. No more flying down the bloody stairs then!!

My gym workout today was cool, got really hot and then when it was time to jump in the pool I realised that I'd forgotten a towel, so had to have a sauna instead... shame that! It's a great way to unwind, and as there's a light in there I could read too. BLISS. later...

Sue: nope, it was Steve and Lisa who kept me awake for two consecutive nights, not my Mike. Mike can be a pain in the arse too, but nowhere near as much as the others!! I actually like Mike most of the time, LMAO ! I really do love all my kids, but sometimes I don't really LIKE them much... can you get that? It's weird eh!

Dinner: chicken drumbsticks and veges, not bad. Quiet rest of evening, Stew is now doing heaps of exercise in the evenings, I find it really hard to get motivated tho, usually just can't be fagged in the evening! Must try harder. nite nite


  1. Isn't that lovely guy Mike the same bloody teenager you were cursing a couple of posts ago!

  2. Painting is such good exercise!!!

    OK, you are officially tagged by me :-)

  3. Sounds like you are really getting in to your gym workouts lately.. wanna rub some of that off on me?


  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog and making me laugh lots. Some people need to get a life hey :-) I look forward to catching up with your blog over the next couple of days!

  5. Hi Chris,
    You make me laugh so you are not a nosey tart...heehee Yes I do have a hubby and we are celebrating our silver wedding anniversary on April 28th this year...yes I got married at 16 and NO I wasn't pregnant so no shot gun wedding there...teehee
    Maybe I will mention him....JUST A TAD THOUGH!! Gosh I wouldn't want to get carried away and mention him seriously he is great, he just bought me a gorgeous tennis bracelet last week.

    Yes I do cook seperate meals for myself so that way I can be sure of having the exact points instead of guessing when sharing a huge dish of food out and the kids don't eat as much and so there portions are smaller and of course it would end up on my plate and me having maybe a one and a half size portion, so I play it safe.

    Humm, maybe I haven't been very explanatory in my blog, kept things close to my chest maybe.

    I enjoyed my chicken breast for my tea last night which I cooked in the cook in sauce, I love that honey & nustard sauce...yummy

    Right I'm off to read your blog WHICH I read daily....oh my, I need my daily fix of Chris's blog, you cheer me up when I'm feeling depressed, you are soo funny.

  6. Geez I know exactly what you mean about loving your kids but not liking them and when I tell Michael my eldest (21 in May this year) that I love him but I don't like the person he has become, he just cannot understand and thinks I hate him but he is a daddy now and one day he might understand that I love him to bits despite everything he has done.

    Oh! I have had my two grandchildren here every night for the last few nights and I was babysitting them last night...lovely.


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