Sunday, January 28, 2007


It looks promising outside.... we might just get a nice day even though the forecast is for rain.
Top priority today is.... clean my poor vehicle! Honestly, it only gets washed once a year, and I am ashamed of it. On the way back from the beach last weekend I tipped some sticky fruit juice out my window (while travelling) and it went all down the side and it's still there, only now it's covered in dust as well. Not a good look. And there is rubbish and sand all through the inside too.... might just make that my "new years resolution"... clean the car monthly! hee he he later...

I spoke too soon, it's a mixed bag, some sun then some rain.. got my vehicle cleaned tho, took 2 hours with both Stew and I doing it!! Looks nice now so it was worth it... must never let it get that darn dirty again ! Lunch time now... hmmmm.... must be good! Think I'll have some brown rice and veges. later...

Lunch was brown rice, coleslaw and surimi... total of 6 points and delicious. Then took the kids and dog up to the shop for an iceblock... I did not have one.... dog drove me nuts pulling all the way. Then we went over to the primary school where Brylee swung on the bars too much and got a nasty blister that popped and is stinging her... DOH. It has turned into a really hot muggy day, nice under the trees with a good breeze to cool us down. later...

Forgive me for I have sinned... I felt like chocolate and had some! I know now that I shall have to work bloody hard all week to have a loss, but I will do my best! Sometimes the urge to have something just can't be denied, I tried all bloody day and got more and more pissed off, so decided to just have some and deal with it. It's the first sweet thing I've had in over 2 weeks so maybe I don't feel so bad about it ??? Am going to bugger off to bed now, and get up in the morning with my craving over, and get on with a good workout at the gym.
nite nite.

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  1. YEP Chris, we BOTH have got to aim for at LEAST 1lb loss each, every week.

    Fab exercise cleaning the car...well done! And sounds like a nice lunch you had and great choices made.


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