Sunday, January 14, 2007


Well, I must admit I am feeling great! Maybe this de-tox thingee is doing some good. I know yesterday I never felt hungry at all, in fact, I felt full all day. This is good.

Today: housework, play with kids, maybe go to the gym! Havn't been to the gym in over 3 weeks.... that's a record! Just havn't been motivated to do the exercise lately, I hope I can get back into the swing of things soon. Though, I think this long break has been good for my body, given it a good rest from all the hectic activity I force on it constantly. It needed a break I reckon. later...

Poor Brylee's hair !!! This weather is just making it frizz... so I put the hair straightener on it this morning, and it is looking a bit better. Don't know how long it will stay looking ok, but at least I tried! later...

The hair has frizzed again.... and something neat has happened.. our dishwasher has been stuffed for a few months now, and we didn't want to pay to get it fixed (again), so were waiting till we could get a new one... like after Xmas. Stew turned it on to see if it still was making it's awful noise and HEY PRESTO, it's going again!!! Must have just fixed itself! How cool is that? Might be temporary, will have to wait and see.

Not much else is happening today, the guys are watching cricket (YAWN), and I'm just muddling around doing bits of this and that, mostly tidying up, as per usual. Felt a bit hungry a couple of times today, probably cos of the lack of protein, but I still feel good. later...

It has been a GREAT day diet-wise, I am in control again..... thanks to Sue! and Janene! and all my friends in blogland... so THANK YOU ... for all the support and kind encouragement. I shall move into this new week with a better attitude towards my ability to lose the weight, and if all goes to plan I shall have a healthy loss to show on saturday morning. Roll on saturday.

nite nite.

Steps: 7267 ( not very good) but better than 000.


  1. YAY for feeling great!!!! feeling full is good!!

    go the detox!!

  2. Think I'll have a nice early night tonight...

  3. Awwe Brylee looks sooo cuuuuute

    I know all about the hair thing as my hair does the same,I wash and straighten it and as soon as the weather turns just slightly...(((PPPiiiIIINNNGGG))) it goes out, wild and friiiizzzy. If I let my hair dry naturally I get ringlets underneath....awweee so cute on a 41 year old...NOT! Or at least not on

    So good to read you are back in control, I just knew you would do it and I just know you can keep doing it, you have before, you have proved you can do it!!

    Have a good day x

  4. Oh by the way Chirs, forgot to say when I'm old and grey...okay....old (need to get the hair colour out again, but hey I'm going naturally BLONDE...YEAH anyway when I am out shopping and when I'm old

    I WILL TAKE NO PRISONERS when I have...

    wait for this...

    not a walking stick...oh nooo...

    better than a walking stick.....

    MY ZIMMMMMER FRAME....OH will be a case of "watch out the oldy with the zimmer is out"....arrrrrggghhhhhh
    And I might have it with wheels and possibly motorised....beat

    Take care x

  5. You have done really well!!!!!!!!

  6. Aww look at that hair!! so cute!!
    Wahoo good luck with your return to the gym!


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