Friday, April 17, 2015


Only a few more days till the kids go back to school.  They have been really excellent these holidays, but that doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to them being at school again.

I've not got any plans for today at all.
I think it will be a 'stay at home, blob out' sort of day.

Some sewing will probably get done... I've not done any more of the lounger cover, so that could be my mission today.

The kids are happy to amuse themselves most days, which is neat.

I'm also going to get on the treadmill for half an hour... and maybe the exercycle too.  No time like the present to get moving more.

It's all going to help with the weight loss after all.

Well... that's about 'it' from me for now... fairly short post for the day so far!


I just took 'before' photos of ME.  It ain't pretty, it's almost as bad as when I first started 10 years ago!

The thought of putting them on here is embarrassing... really ashamed of myself... but I'm going to.  This is me being accountable... and well honest.   I lost the plot in the last 6 years and this is the result:

ABOVE:  my new start.  I must be serious!
The biggest 'problem' zone is the bust... OMG !

But, I can fix it.  Just watch me.  There will be a new set of photos taken on a monthly basis.  

Now I'm off to vacum... it's exercise of course.

Well... it's been a good day so far.  I got the housework done, then started joining all the blocks for the lounger cover.  Got that done, then did the quilting... and now I'm about to start adding the backing 'envelope' part so I can put it on the squab.

Dinner is happily simmering away in the frying pan... a steak 'n' kidney stew.  We will have spuds and veges with it.

ABOVE:  finished it.  

Off to watch Coronation Street now...

End of Day:  A nice day... so happy to have finished that squab.  It got so cold down in the garage tonight I had to get my electric throw out to keep warm.  I can't believe how QUICKLY the temperatures dropped here.
Off to bed now... it's freakin' 1 am!
nite nite


  1. Good on you Chris. Very brave but a great starting point. Best of luck for the journey ahead. I'm back on the wagon after a shocking couple of weeks on holiday where I've eaten everything and anything. .. bloody easter didn't help either. Here's to us!! ☆

  2. Best of luck!
    You certainly are committed.

  3. That's good to put up photos... I can't wait to see the shrinking Chris!!!

  4. Good luck with the weight watchers Chris. I think the marbles are a great idea.

  5. Good for you Chris. ๐Ÿ˜Š You've got the motivation this time

  6. I hope weight watchers is the answe for you. I know I should go.
    The cover for your sun lounger is fantastic I absolutely love it.

  7. What a clever girl you are. .. I'm thinking of doing the marble thing too!

  8. Nice job on the lounger cover. I'm watching Coronation Street on and am now up to 2014... slowly making my way up to date so that I can watch it completely up to date! I watch about 2 or three episodes a day (22 minutes each) - usually while cooking or doing other jobs.

  9. Your lounge cover looks great Chris, bright and cheerful

  10. Love the colours mum....wouldn't be a photo without Dante though

  11. The lounge seat looks nice and bright! I keep saying some day I'm going to make cushions for all my chairs outside but I never get to it.

    WTG on the pics of yourself and getting back to it. It's so hard to "do it again" but you will feel great when you get there.

  12. Good Luck Chris, you can do it!

  13. Luv the cover awesome brights

  14. Love the lounger, the cover is awesome. Good on you for the photos you have great legs by the way!!


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