Monday, April 06, 2015


So, Stew wants us to go out today.

Cos we have been at home for the past few days doing jobs and what not.

So.. I asked him where we should go.

He didn't know.  Typical.

It boils down to where I want to go I suppose.  And right now I have no idea.

The Easter Show is on right now ... but from past experiences it sucks.... so no point going there.
Rainbow's End is bound to be packed with kids too... so nope, not going there.


Ten Pin Bowling.  Followed by a late lunch at Botany mall.

That's something the kids should enjoy, and who knows, maybe we will too.

Sorted.  Better go tell his nibs.


And we booked our games for AFTER lunch, so it's lunch at home today after all.  Which is good cos, OMG the cost of playing Ten Pin Bowling isn't cheap is it?
Hopefully it's fun.

Bex went to the sale at Spotlight, I wonder what she has bought?

ABOVE:  She got some wool.  Not much though!  I didn't go as I am getting some fabric on sale from The Crafty Needle's closing down sale, which starts tomorrow.
And her fabrics are just lovely compared to Spotlight's.

I think I'm becoming a fabric snob. lol

Back from out little outing... and I've come to the conclusion I suck at Ten Pin Bowling.
So does Brylee.  Stew and Griffin had mixed results, but definitely better than us girls.

ABOVE:  We may not have been very good at bowling, but we had some fun.

 ABOVE:  The score from our first game was pretty dismal, and Griffin won.
The second game was even WORSE, and Stew won.  I came last.  *smiles* 

After bowling, we went across the road to Botany and I found some cute wooden letters... 

ABOVE:  I hung them in the dining room of course.

Now it's sticky hot, and as I don't have to cook dinner AGAIN... I'm going to do a jig saw!

End of Day:  and jig saw done and dusted.  But.. I've got another one on me PC only half finished!
Lucky me having 2 on the go at the same time.
nite nite


  1. Sounds like a fun place to go...have fun...

  2. What a good idea. Not sure what we are doing, probably bugger all. Samyson has rehearsal all day so I guess it is housework since today is a public holiday and therefore my cleaner won't be here :-(.

    1. You have a cleaner? You lucky tart! I used to have one on/off in Palmerston North, but now I can't afford one. I spend too much money on FABRIC! lol

  3. I have had a slow day baking cooking cleaning... Nothing exciting but needed doing..

  4. Replies
    1. As far as I know, he's as happy as can be. His new family are just the most lovely people Martine, he's lucky and so are we. I miss him heaps and heaps though.

  5. Hey there Darlin. I see you had a very busy Easter weekend. Great projects. Haven't been around Blogger for a while, but I'm hoping to start writing again more. As always, thanks for sharing your gorgeous family with me:-) xx

  6. Wow, "ten pin" bowling is expensive there? It looks like your lanes are also a bit narrower, but it might be the light. :)

  7. Griffin did great! Are they the thinner pins than the regular ones? I think we have those here but they call them candlestick bowling. I've never done it though. Love the DINE sign, so cute!

  8. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Christ has risen, Chris. That is the meaning of Easter. May the Peace of Christ be with you and your family xxx

    Sue Park, Huddersfield, uk

  9. Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that attract others, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.


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