Sunday, April 12, 2015


Today I'm going to start a new project.
I'm going to make slip covers for two of the outdoor chairs and the sun lounger.

I want to try making just a basic patchwork cover using lots of different squares of fabric.  Bright colours.  Hopefully it will look good.

Apart from that, I suppose we will have to do the grocery shopping, and a bit of housework too.

First thing this morning Stew and Steve are going over to the storage facility where Steve and Bex have all of their household furniture etc.  They need to find and bring home all the baby clothes, bedding, pram and so on.  
It can't be put off any longer, Bex is going to pop pretty soon!

She's certainly looking more uncomfortable as the days go by now.

DON'T FORGET to get your guess in for baby's DATE OF BIRTH & WEIGHT.   The cut off for guesses is in about 12 days.
You could win a set of 6 mug rugs!

Right, that's about all I've got to yabber on about for now... so I'll catch ya later.  Have a lovely Sunday, or Saturday depending on where ya live.  *smiles*  Either way, it's the weekend, so it's gotta be good.


Well... all the necessary baby stuff is back from storage, and now they have to sort it all out and wash it all before baby arrives.

I've spent 2 hours cutting out squares, and now I've set them out:

ABOVE:  As I said, nice and bright.  Now I have to sew all the squares together, then add the batting and backing and quilt it all, add the 'envelope' backing to hold it on the existing squab and taaa daaa... it will be done.

And that might take a day or two.

I'm trying to put off the grocery shopping.  I'm just NOT in the mood for fighting people in aisles... I might throttle someone.  Feeling a bit crabby ... tired I think.

So, we went grocery shopping after all.  Stew, Dante and I went.... it was lovely.  I didn't even mind the crowds in the supermarket... Dante was very entertaining.

End of Day:  another nice day.  Sadly, Stew has to go back to work tomorrow.... so it's just me and the kids for the next week until they go back to school too.
nite nite


  1. Loving the colours in your new project!!! I battled the supermarket this morning.... it was v v busy, but I only had a few things to get so I whizzed through!!! x

  2. Maria5:34 PM

    2 hrs seems a long time to cut them out. You do realise you can layer your fabric up and cut 4 layers at once, 6 if you have a new blade.

    1. I did do that in most cases Maria. Some I had to cut individually, cos I was using scraps of fabric in some cases. I have cut more than you can see... so I've got more ready for the outdoor chairs too.

  3. love the colours, very cheery

  4. Oh that is so bright and uplifting just wonderful . I did groceries yesterday BUT in the rain yuck!


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