Thursday, April 16, 2015


You got any marbles?
Nah, nor do I.

So, today I'm going out and buying.... 350 marbles!

Why?  Cos this lovely young mum at WW's yesterday said she had two jars of marbles on her bench.  One used to be full, and one was empty.  Now, when she loses 100 grams, a marble gets transferred over to the 'was empty' jar.  It's her visual reminder of how much she has lost.

I did this years ago with paving slabs... each slab weighed about a 5 kilos, and I ended up with a pile of them in my dining room after I lost 61 kilos.  

I like the idea of the marbles better though.  Smaller, prettier and easier to keep on the bench!  lol  AND you get to transfer over heaps at a time if you lose a kilo or more a week for a while!  

I wonder how many I will get to transfer over next Wednesday?

ABOVE:  I sorted out all me bits 'n' bobs last night.  I've got everything I need now.  Just have to get more conversant with the Propoints values and I'll be set.  Oh, and work out that freakin' calculator thingee.

So, clearly I'm going out this morning.  I will take the kids with me and we can have a nice wander around the mall.  
I want to find pretty marbles... do they even exist?  dumm dee dooo...

Dots and marbles... sheesh my life is complicated!  *smiles*


ABOVE:  Well... I now have 350 marbles!  They are not super pretty, but hell... they were cheap as and so were the jars.  It's going to be such fun transferring them over.

I might put white paper on the back of the jars so it's easier to see the marbles...

CHRISTY:  35 kilos.

Lunchtime... the kids are getting really good at cooking their own meals I must say!  Bacon/eggs/toast/spagetti...  my job is done!  lol

I'm off to get my lunch now.

So... Stew got home and said he agreed with Lynda... and I should get taller, narrower jars!
So after dinner we went back to The Warehouse and found the 'right' ones.  I took me marbles with us, so I made sure I got the right size jars ...

ABOVE:  My 2nd marble jars.  I like them.

It was a quiet afternoon here... which was nice. 

End of Day:  an average day here.  Got bugger all done at the end of the day!
nite nite


  1. I like the idea of the visual for weight loss. I wonder how hard it would be to find equally sized buttons??? I like to reuse things.

  2. I had a big bag of the white glossy pebbles you use for decoration in vases, with candles etc and used them. I got them in Bunnings - probably cheaper than having to buy lots of bags of marbles and you can get them in different colours so can coordinate with your colour scheme. Let me know if you want an add to some of the FB WW pages x

    1. Thanks for the offer Zanna... but I can't even keep up with MY OWN weight loss group on Facebook! So, I'll give it a miss for now. I hope you are doing well?

  3. the marbles are a great idea! Can you tell us how much you are hoping to lose? xxx

  4. I think the marble jar is a brilliant idea. So simple but so effective.

  5. Fantastic idea! I love it! I also love the paver idea but find it funny that they were in your living room! Lol! WW is looking a bit flash!

  6. I love that idea!!! I think long thin containers/jars would look more effective - seeing more of a visible difference.

  7. What an awesome idea .... the marbles jar (and I bet you have lots of pretty blue marbles when you get back from shopping!). I might instigate a similar thing here - and I too have been seriously considering returning to Weight Watchers (it did work when I went). Happy shopping today!

  8. you can do it!!!! x

  9. Yay... that's much better!!! Seeing the level go down and the other level rise is much better incentive. I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding a use for the other two jars.

  10. Ohhh that's such a cool idea! Love the flowers behind the jars, how cool kids cooking a nice way to occupy them and they get to eat their own creations....

  11. I like the marbles!


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