Sunday, November 24, 2013


Today I will be making a concentrated effort to get all the mug rugs and so on finished for Christmas gifts.
Then all I have to do is buy a small little gift for each grandchild, add some lollies and that will be done and dusted.

PINTEREST!  OMGosh that site is evil.  I happened onto looking at Felt Creations.  First I started pinning felt animals and cute little things like that... then I saw ...

 THIS, and... 

 THIS, and...


OH shit save me!!!   I don't even know HOW to felt!  But I want to do it!    The last one is easy-ish... cos I can see it uses regular felt you can buy.

But something like this:

ABOVE: and these....are felted then sewn on.  OMGosh... gorgeous.  I am buzzing with enthusiasm... and can't do a thing about it!

I am NOT going to start another NEW project until I have got Christmas out of the way, AND my stitchery.

I have been totally put off by having to trace it out AGAIN... 

Right, better go and feed the dogs, make sure puppies are happy... I need to give them a little food and water now as I think Coco's milk supply is dwindling in this heat.  


Stew and I just did the grocery shopping... after popping into Spotlight to JUST SEE what wool they had for felting... and we ran into Kate too!  I tried to hide cos I had no makeup on!  lol
I told her I wasn't going to 'own up' to buying stuff to felt with... but I'm too honest!

I am only going to try it... not abandon my other projects!  

Ummm... I did a 'little' felting this afternoon.  I can see it becoming addictive.
It is time intensive.  And I want MORE stuff to add to the wool... like threads, silk etc.  It's one of those crafts that you can do HEAPS with, incorporating it into sewing projects, cards etc.
The mind boggles at the possibilities.

I feel guilty for not putting puppy photos up today, so will see what photos I've taken today...  NONE of all of them!
Just photos of Jasper for the Trademe advert!
Oh well... there is always tomorrow.

End of Day:  OMGosh I've had a really LOVELY day!
Let's not mention the grocery shopping, cos that was NOT lovely.
Food:  totally on track.  Made solid plans for during the day eating, and having 'normal' dinners in the evening.
Feeling really ON TOP OF THIS 'Onward For Life Plan' again.
I'm gunna rock my shorts this summer, oh yes I am!
nite nite


  1. I think that Pinterest is the devil. I can spend hours on it!

  2. Ahh you came clean after all huh???? Nice to see you today.

  3. I love needle faulting not that good at it made miss moo a couple of balls and some unusual shaped animals but most of all I love stabbing that needle take all the stress away lol

  4. OMG your funny!!! Look forward to seeing how your felting turns out!

  5. Ohhhhhhhhh theres no hiding from us eh!!! geeze woman you are funny ( finish your other stuff), BUT I absolutely love the felt peacock love it oh imagine that on the front of one of your bags!!!!!! stinking hot here I might even brave a swim in the lake!

  6. I also bought a felt kit last year , I have worked out how to do it but I haven't anything to show yet that is worthwhile . Get your beads etc,. from the hospice shop . Also bits of lace and odd earings .
    If you care to send your address to me by email I will send you a sample of 4 hexies joined together then perhaps Bex will be able to make a blanket

  7. I do a bit of felting. And I will tell you one thing - it's a lot faster than knitting! That red square with the seaweed one it. That should be relatively easy and fast. The hardest part would be the stitching. And I know you could rock that part easily!


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