Sunday, May 20, 2012


We have a pet travel case, and I had intended to put Teddy in it overnight to stop him scratching at the laundry door... but do you think Stew and I can find it?
We turned our house upside down yesterday looking for it!  We even went up into the attic three times to make sure it wasn't up there!  I even went up there!

Nowhere to be found.
We are at a total loss to know where it has gone!

ABOVE: our lost pet case.  I don't know how it's "LEFT" my house?  It has always been in the exact same place in the garage... until now.
I suppose I will have to go and buy another one now... which really pisses me off.  

While up in the attic yesterday I came across a box my mother had left here.... and inside I found my brother Vern's personal items.  His Passport, wallets, travel documents, watches, photos and of all things, a pair of socks.

ABOVE:  felt weird going through his wallets... but I felt OK until I came to this:

ABOVE:  the last and final entry in his passport. It just made me so sad.  Vern has been gone 13 years, but it only feels like yesterday.

TODAY:  more of the same from yesterday.  Housework.
Then I want to go out!  I think a nice lunch out somewhere is in order... cos I'm crabbier than Teddy's arse right now.  And feeling a bit sad.

TRACY:  thanks for the offer Chick, but we do have enough beds... the problem is fitting them all in!
LEIGH:  I know I havn't left me dog case at the Vet's or Groomers.  It was in my garage the last time I saw it... for sure.

Where to put Griffin.... SORTED.

BEFORE:  Lacy had the queen size bed in Griffin's room.

AFTER:  Now she is sharing the room with Griffin.  Two piglets together, I dread to think how the room will end up looking once she comes back!  She ain't a tidy person. Nor is Griffin.

The queen size bed has been dismantled and put down in our storage room, under the house.  It's packed to the gunnels now... we just don't have any more room!
I'm going to buy a small garden shed to store all the 'outdoor' stuff like the lawn mower, weed eater etc so we can actually move in the storage room!

Moving to a bigger house would be the ideal solution ... but that would cost way more than we can afford right now.  *sigh*

FROGGY: I didn't put Brylee in with Lacy for two reasons.
1.  It would have meant moving all Brylee's stuff into Griffin's room... cos if I'd put Griffin in Brylee's room she would have gone nuts about him 'touching my stuff'.
2.  Griffin snores.  More incentive for Lacy to leave... lol!  Nah ... cos all Griffin's stuff was already in that room, and it was the easier option.

MURPHY'S LAW:   we went out and bought another dog travel case.....
Got home and Stew went down to the storage room under the house... thinking... did I look under that tarpaulin in the chimney alcove???? So:

ABOVE:  After spending literally HOURS looking for it yesterday... he found it.  Now we have two.  Which is fine, cos when I transport them to the groomers from now on, they will be in cases... no more getting leads all tangled up in the car.  YAAA.  

ABOVE:  I bought more of these vacum storage bags, cos I have too many blankets and duvets... but I know if I were to give them away I would suddenly need them.  So, going to suck the air out of them so they take up less room.

ABOVE: the 'spare' linen pile.  Oh yaaaa.

ABOVE:  Quite a job, luckily Stew helped.  We are amazed at how much air you can suck out of stuff.... now it all fits in.  Awesome.

Been having some MASSIVE hot flushes lately.  I'm starting to think they are linked to stress.  Cos I was getting less and less of them, and now they are happening ALL. THE. TIME.  ... again.
Even with me taking some drugs to keep them at bay... tis not working.



  1. It's the unexpected reaction that hurts the most.

    In two weeks we are going to Matamata to bury Mum's ashes and dedicate Mum's and Dad's memorial plaques. I dread it. Last time I was there I was innocently taking part in a non-family funeral when I turned and saw my brothers memorial plaque. He was 34 when he died of melanoma. It hit me so hard. So much grief there.

    Hope you find the dog crate. How frustrating.


  2. If it is anything like here the day will be perfect for an outing.... cold but will be lovely later :)

  3. Thats sad to ewad, an entry in a passport. Have you left the travelpet case ata groomers? pet store, mechanics, sorry you had to yet once again move things and thats annoying when you think where an earth has it gone.... Frosty Freezing but Fine here...

  4. Leigh9:40 AM

    You probably left the dog case at a groomers or vets. I bet a lot of people forget that they used one to bring their pet to the grommer/vet etc when they pick them up later. especially if the dog is overnight at vets etc. Maybe have a ring around. If you do get it back or buy a new one name it and put a phone number on it.
    PS another idea, did you loan it to one of the people who bought puppies?

  5. Leigh9:51 AM

    I was sure I had seen the puppies in the case so searched the blog see link above. Maybe this will help you remember where the case is.

  6. I bet the missing crate is placed underneath something. Like in your sewing area. Or on top of something in the garage. It's there in plain site, you just can't see it!! lol...debbie

  7. I feel your pain, anyone who says time heals, must not have lost someone special..

    Have a lovely day, do something nice in remembrance of your brother and dad and all the others who have left this life..


  8. First thing I thought of was the puppies in regards to the missing ANNOYING!

  9. What a great solution for the sleeping arrangements for now. I reminder to Lacy that it is a temporary arrangement.

    Would love to be a fly on the wall when Lacy returns home.

    Good to see you getting back to the sewing. Any cards being made lately ?

  10. Good sleeping solution, Chris. I'm just wondering why you didn't put Brylee and Lacy together, both being girls and all?

    But it looks good. Hopefully it'll work!


  11. I use the vacum cleaner to suck out thr air

  12. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Hi Chris
    Your done a great job with fitting everyone in....what a very stressful time for you but you can only do your best.
    I have often thought about buying some of those didn't realize just how good they work. The before and after photos are great.
    Michelle xo

  13. Those bags are great eh :) Good to see the sleeping arrangements sorted......I know how stressful it can be and I don't even have to do it on a long term arrangement.
    Hope you were able to have a nice day....cold but beautiful down here and Wellington today was one out of the box :)
    Glad you found the pet's frustrating for sure when you know it must be there it was lol :)

  14. This week I started to get crabby as well which is quite rare for me. I think it had to do with the release of my kids' exam results and the parent-teacher meetings I have to attend this coming week. Never a pleasant experience. Today we all went out shopping (Great Singapore Sale has started) and I spent some crazy money on a birthday present for son and some books for myself. Feel so much better already. Retail therapy works.

  15. Good space planning! Looks like everyone will have a bit of space. Hope it works out well.
    Once in a while, I find something of my mothers which makes me miss her even more. Sorry for the loss of your brother.

  16. Murphy's Law! Buy a new one and you'll find the one missing lol.

    Do you think the hot flushes are connected with your eating? I've heard that if you eat more sugar/carbs that it makes your hot flashes worse. Seems like when you are on target with the diet you have less?

  17. Hi Chris, you are a very busy lady, I would have loved to hear what you said when the dog carrier was found, I love your lovey little dogs. Cottonreel has a chilly garage where we sew and giggle a lot.


  18. I'm another one who is impressed by how well those bags work. They may be the answer to my storage problem. I also have loads of bedding which only gets used when people come to stay. Sometimes I think I need a bigger house, not for people but for somewhere to put all my stuff.

  19. Bless your heart......coming across items of loved ones stirs up my emotions too....even a pair of socks hahaa....glad you have them...

    I like how you separated the room with the cupboard...I hope it works is so hard to keep being creative and making home a happy place for ALL!!!


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