Monday, February 06, 2012


I wake up lately feeling like I could just go back to bed.
Feeling jaded.
Looking forward to tomorrow... think I will get the kids off to school and just go back to sleep all morning!

Probably won't happen though.

ABOVE: this is me.  Starting to feel very frazzled.  Once a mother, always a mother.  Just wish sometimes I got a bit more time off.  These school holidays I don't think I even got 1 day's break away from kids.  *sigh*

ABOVE:  I don't think I say this often enough.... so ... THANKS  to everyone who comments ... I really do appreciate it.  Comments are lovely to receive.... and I rather enjoy leaving them too.

Today:  Cloudy or not, we are going to the beach.  Either Orewa or Omaha, will know when we get there!

ONWARD.... see you much later...

Came back early.  There was NO sunshine, and lots of wind... just not conducive for a lovely beach day at all.
We ran into Amanda, Andrew and the kids at Orewa too!  
ABOVE: Orewa, tide out, very cloudy.

ABOVE:  Andrew and Emily... very windy.

ABOVE:  all the kids had a swim... even though it was windy, the water was OK.  Amanda kinda had a swim too... Steve sneaked up behind her while she was standing in knee deep water with her clothes on and 'helped' her in!   Shame... she had her mobile phone in her pocket.  OOoops.  I think she was calling into Sylvia Park on her way home to get a new phone.

 ABOVE: this guy was having a ball in the wind.... man could he get some speed up!

ABOVE:  the family walking along the beach.

ABOVE:  my favourite photo for the day.  Bex shoe with shells.  It's pretty.

End of Day: after much dicking around, I have got a new Header picture.  
ON TRACK:  seriously?  NO.
nite nite.


  1. Hi. Have you made a batch of jam with the stevia yet? I want to know how it goes.

    And definitely time for you to have some ME time. Plan a special day and tell Stew you are not doing dinner that night ... I know you're probably feeling too tired to plan but it's the Only Way.


  2. I know what you mean about getting a break. My hubby and I make sure we have a 3 day weekend away from the kids every year. We call it our 'marriage mental health' weekend! In fact, we're away in 2 weeks, and we can't wait.

    You seem to do lots for other people, so make sure you balance it out with some 'me' time every now and again. Its amazing how good it feels to pamper yourself

  3. Found your site for the first time today and really enjoyed reading about your HUGE family! I'm a stay at home dad of two daughters and I get tired with just the two. I don't know how you do it! I look forward to returning to read more.

  4. OOOOO Chris!
    Thouse pictures look like paradise to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That BEAUTIFUL water! I have never seen such beautiful water over here in the US. We have a river near us & when I was little my parents would take me there to fish. I think we all know fish is good for you & it sure did help to stretch the budget up until now . They have signs posted that you can only eat certain fish so many times a month because they carry cancer from the chemicals dumped in our water ways. IT makes me absolutely FURIOUS to discover that the rich & their factories can destroy a food source for all of us . It certainly is not fair -or good. I have always been so careful not to leave trash on our trip to the water - but look what big business can do. So, enjoy your beautiful water because it is a priceless treasure.

  5. That beach is soooo beautiful, Chris! I love your comments, too!

  6. I love the beach pictures- makes me want to be there flying a kite too!

  7. Just a wee bit windy sheesh! Must have still been warm though? When it's windy here it's usually cold to go with it.

  8. Love your new header Chris.

  9. Windy here too and not at all warm but we had a great day fundraising BBQ and have nearly reached our target after all tuckered out though!!

  10. Emily looks so cute in the wind. She's so adorable. I like your new header! I am one of those blogger whose header has no image. (on purpose) I want one of those "free-from-parenting" day as well.

  11. I hope you're feeling better. I must have what you too. Blah.

  12. I love ALL of your pictures and the cartoons.....especially the one about having kids hahaha...I love comments too and you are always so good to leave me one.....hahaha I can usually count on my three friends.......I am doing better aren't I hahaha I am trying to do a little something everyday on my blog.......THANK YOU MY FRIEND FOR ALWAYS STICKING BY ME!!!! You make it worth it!!!!


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