Monday, January 31, 2011


ABOVE:   the change mat is a generous size... I wanted it to be big enough for a baby for a long time...

ABOVE:  all my hard work yesterday resulted in these... a Funky Nappy Bag with matching Change Mat.  AND the mat has a plastic/rubber type of inner so it's waterproof!  It took me ages to make the mat... cos I quilted it all too.  And I only had a small amount of the fabrics, so I think I did well to get it done using what I had.

Stew's back at work today ...whoops, no he's not!  It's Auckland Anniversary Day! ... and I am on the 'count down' until the kids go back to school... 3 MORE SLEEPS!  I suppose I should check out their uniforms and make sure they still fit... bla bla bla.


*waves*.. HI!  we didn't stay home as expected... we went to Hamilton for the day.... firstly to pick up a T-shirt for Blondie in Taupo and secondly to visit the girls.

We had a lovely day... lunch at Chartwell Square with Kelly and Rena then over to see Amanda and Andrew... I must show you Amanda's belly!

ABOVE:  she has only 3 weeks to go and she's HUGE!  But the baby is only expected to be around 7-8 pounds.  Phew.... still a big belly.  She is at the "I'm totally over it" stage... poor girl.

I took a photo of Kelly and Rena too... Rena had a new haircut.  It took my breath away... and Stew's .... will show you tomorrow! 

It was a tiresome trip home... we literally crawled for over half the time... holiday traffic was diabolical.

Off to bath Coco now, she was sick last night and stinks something awful.  *sigh*

End of Day: another week about to start... a GREAT week... three more sleeps...
DIET: so-so today.
nite nite.


  1. love the bag and changing pad :) you are so talented!

  2. They are GEORGEOUS chris well done my favourite colours

  3. That set is divine and the lady who ordered it will be thrilled (I bet more orders come, we have school in 2 more sleeps but we have to be there at 7am to set up for the Year 9 powhiri welcome and practise so that's a kicker!!!!!

  4. Cute! My daughter is all into jelly fish now for some reason.

  5. Hey that baby set looks fantastic! She'll love it!

    My kid's back at school today. First day of high school and she's ready already - an hour early! Pressing me to go already! Sheesh! Usually I have to fight to get her out of bed!

  6. Very nice choice of colour and fabric! I've never seen this fabric at Spotlight!

  7. How much do you charge for that? TOOOO CUTE!!!!!
    and how much is shipping to the US?

  8. Anonymous5:09 PM

    What darling material!! What a great gift!!You sure are talented with the sewing machine Chris!!...debbie

  9. oooh those bags are brilliant. i speak from my personal experience that it carries ALL that i ever needed to carry - we take it on overnight trips now, lol not just the beach!

    that's one big belly... eek!

  10. The bag is super-cute! I might just have to order one ;)

    PS: Whoooaaaa! What a tummy! Can't wait to "meet" your newest grandchild in Feb.!

  11. Nice bags n' bellies!

  12. Great bags. Looks like you took advantage of the holiday. Good like to DD with the coming baby. Woohoo for back to school.

  13. love the bag and mat

  14. Just got caught up with you and your happenings. That bag and changing mat are very nice. I am sure they will be used for a long, long time!

  15. Your bag is spectacular!

    Poor Amanda, I remember feeling exactly how she looks. Exhausted!!

  16. What a cute set Chris! You are so creative.


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