Friday, January 14, 2011


Out of the blue last night I got an email from a lovely lady who lives on the Coromandel Peninsula .... asking if Stew, the kids and I would like to come up and spend a few days living in their house for a holiday???  FOR FREE!

ABOVE:  The house, and the beach! This lady has a blog.... and I have met her a couple of times when we've been up at Whitianga, but I was still blown away by her and her husband's generosity.    They, incidentally, are living in their house bus by their home at the beach.... as they have been renting out their home to holiday-makers over the summer.

Well... after discussing it with His Nibs... we are going to go!  We are thrilled, as we were expecting to just stay home all summer as our finances are rather tight this time of year. (who's isn't?  'Santa' costs rise every year as the family grows!)  When we go will be sorted out soon....


Now, as for today:  I'm going to sit down and read up on the new Weight Watcher's programme, and follow it, and TRACK...


I sat down this morning (ate breakfast!) and read all the  new Weight Watchers stuff.
It is quite different, yet oddly  the same in many ways.
You get more 'Pro points' each day...BUT not really as all the food values have gone UP.  So before for example, an egg was 1.5 points, now it's 2 points, a slice of white bread was 1.5 points, now it might be 3, and so on.   So, I was gobsmacked last night with the number of Pro Points I was allocated per day, but sitting down and looking at it, it is pretty much the same amount as before on the old point system.

The only thing I can complain about is that I can't now just scan the nutrient label of a food and know (judging it's Kilojoule and fat content) how many points it's worth.  This is because the new Pro Points value is calculated using the food's Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat and Fibre values.

So,  before on the Points plan a Hamburger was worth 9 points (calculating it's kilojoule and Saturated Fat content)... NOW using the Pro Points (calculating its Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat and Fibre content) a Hamburger is 13 Pro points.

The other change:  you get 49 Pro points EXTRA a week to use however you like.  You don't have to 'earn' them.... they are there to use if you want.

Another change:  all fruit and veges are FREE, except starchy veges like potatoes, peas, corn, etc.  

Now that is good I suppose... but I know that if I eat half a bloody watermelon it is going to add up to a lot of 'old points' it's high in sugar.  YET it's free now?   Ahhh, nope, ain't gunna go overboard on fruit just cos they are 'free' now.   Some lessons are hard to forget.

So, that's it in a nutshell.   I am sure in time I will get used to it.  Next week I will have to go to the WW meeting in Whitianga, I can't NOT go just cos I'm on holiday eh?

ABOVE:  I dashed out this morning with Brylee for company and found some fabric ... I am putting my UFO's away for a week so I can make a 'Thank You' gift for Anne and John in Matarangi.    It is in those colours sorta.... not going to show any more as I want it to be a nice surprise for Anne!  Hopefully she loves 'it'... lol.

AND I have to go... cos It's going to take days to make!

MARTINE:  thank you, if I have any problems with the new programme I will definitely email you.

This afternoon we are going  to Sylvia Park, so I can buy a new WW Pro Points calculator... I think I need one!  Weight Watchers has their Auckland 'headquarters' at Sylvia Park, so I know they will be open.

Got the calculator... will need a degree to work it out lol!
We also got lots of fresh fruit and veges... Stew and I are having baked Eggplant for dinner tonight... it's been crumbed with breadcrumbs and lots of cheese.. fried quickly then baked in the oven... it smells delish!

Griffin's mouth is hurting him so much we are going back to the Doctor tomorrow.  It does not look infected, just darn sore.  Hoping the Doctor can give him something to numb it a bit ....

End of Day:   it is 12.44 at night, I've been sewing up a storm, Stew is glued to the TV watching some rugby game.. time for bed.
DIET: totally on track.
nite nite


  1. Our pleasure. Can't wait to see you all again.

  2. Awesome Chris!!! Your kids will love Matarangi beach, it is just so safe and the boogy boarding has been fantastic so far this year. Hopefully I'll be over here some of the time so we can catch up. Do let us know more about the pro points too, I'm rather curious and may even try it myself!

  3. How kind is that!! (I thought you still had a place up there??)

    Good luck with WW!

  4. Sweeeeet!

    I heard about the weight watchers program. I am curious about it myself. If that's what you are talking about will you please let us know later what you think?

  5. Have a fantastic time at the beach. The kids will love it, they can spend all day at the beach tiring themselves out.

  6. Chris

    It does take a while to get used to. I am pro points savvy and so can answer any questions you have or concerns - my home email is mdally@internode.on.nt. The new program is fantastic, good luck petal. Hugs and kisses to darling Teddy and Coco. Martine x

  7. LUcky you for the free holiday - love your determination re WW - I am also trying to stick to a healthy eating plan - but come unstuck oh so easily. Good Liuck to you!

  8. that will be lovely for you all to get away and how gorgeous of your friends!

    i love it when i see my faith in humanity rewarded and strengthened by stories like this!

  9. Lucky thing! Good work "Anne and John" !!!

    PS: loving that fabric, totally my favourite colours!

  10. Hi Chris, How many pro points did the eggplant dish work out at.


  11. What a lovely surprise and how neat the BEACH who could resist!!
    I know that the SALT water will help Griffins lip surely!

  12. time at the beach would be nice. my kids are ready to go to the beach they have already started asking are we going there this summer lol

  13. Didn't she mention that she set it up that we are coming to live at your house while you are living in hers!

  14. The free holiday sounds spectacular! No doubt the entire family will enjoy it.

    The necklace and earrings are beautiful (as are YOU!).

    Go for it, girl with the WW! You can do it!

  15. That is really nice of her. Our kids have never spent the night at the beach before. Maybe one of these days.


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