Wednesday, January 26, 2011


ABOVE:  well that say's it all really!  I'm in pain.  Every time I get hot and sweaty (which is often) I get little blisters all over me burnt bits.   It ain't pretty.  You may not be able to see the blisters in the photo, but let me assure you, they are all over the red bits! 

So I'm trying to be careful for the rest of the summer... don't want to do any more damage!

I'm taking the kids out today to the mall... I NEED hair dye!   I can't believe how many grey hairs I have, now that I've let a lot of my 'natural' hair grow out I can see them!   Far out... there is a lot.  Scary.

AND Brylee needs school shoes desperately... we have been looking all summer for new school sandals for her.  She has IMPOSSIBLE feet to get shoes for!   LOOOOONG  and narrow.  We just can't find anything anywhere that fits.  But today I'm going to try over in Remuera, there's a shop there that specialises in kids shoes, and OK, they are bloody expensive in Remuera, but I know that they will have some that will fit her.  Keep your fingers crossed  for me!


School starts again in 8 days!  These holidays have gone fast!  Probably because I lost track of time... and wasn't counting down till they were back in school!  lol  They have been really good on a whole these holidays, I've hardly felt like throttling them at all. ha ha ha!

There was a shoe shop in Sylvia Park that we hadn't tried, so I went there first... and SCORE!

 ABOVE: they had sandals that fitter her, AND you got two pair for the price of one... so I grabbed another pair the next size up for her too!  Thrilled about that buy.

ABOVE:   I also go the sheep shorn!  He looks much better now, and his lip is almost 100% healed now, it took a long time!

ABOVE:  I also got Brylee's fringe cut.... so she's a happy kid too.

Lunchtime here.  Going to make yummy Egg/Cheese sandwiches, the kids love them.

MAGPIE:  Thanks... but I am well aware of the dangers of sunburn.  I didn't go out in the sun  expecting to get burnt.... no one would!  It just crept up on me... I had no idea the sun was that strong the day I got burnt... probably because I was in and out of the water and didn't actually feel HOT until much later on in the evening.  Usually I get a light tan and build on it over the course of several weeks, but this summer I had not been out in the sun at all!  Hindsight is a great thing eh?

End of Day:  and it's been another hot one, with us spending most of our time indoors.  Stew got sunburnt too and is peeling, so I don't feel all alone.
DIET:  yeah not so good today.
nite nite.


  1. Oh, Chris! When you enlarge that photo, you can definitely see the blisters....that has to hurt so much! Be careful in that sun, my friend! And good luck in finding Brylee some shoes!



  2. Ouch! An old home remedy for sunburn is to swab with vinegar. Takes the sting out and keeps the flies away.

  3. ouch is the oly thing i can come up with

  4. Anonymous8:19 AM

    I believe you have a nice case of sun poision. And from now on, your skin will be very sensitive to the sun. Better wear Sunscreen 50. Hope you find some shoes today. My kids are like me and have small chubbby feet! Just as hard to find shoes! ...debbie

  5. first time here and yes I must admit the picture of the necklace - eh well maybe a little below the necklace - got my attention. Really got a bad burn there so sorry. thanks take care

  6. Ouch, I have had that happen too too, left me with heaps of freckles. Reminder too myself don't burn the boobs again.
    When's school start again?

  7. Ouch! Hope you heal soon.

  8. ouch woman that looks NASTY!!! invest or sew a COVER all from head to toe in light fabric to cover AREAS delicate too sun!!! NOW

    Those sandals of Brylees looked so nice trendy you may have to start looking now for UNIFORM sandals for when she need "certain" sandals that the schools SAY must be worn (pfffffft).

    Pleased Griffin's lip is healing well I bet he never ever does that again.

  9. The boobs? Ouch - big time!

    The sandals are adorable, good thinking to get another pair a size up.

    I'm so glad to hear that Griffin's lip is finally feeling better!

  10. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Oh ouchies... you may have a permanent burn mark there now like me!! I have a round neckline mark I've had for years since I had blistered in the sun... all year round tan!! ha... aloe vera's good too.

    Kids look cute with their haircuts... so Brylee's going to be hugely tall with humdinger feet like that! Lucky thing...

    Have a good weekend... we are off to a wedding on Friday so having a couple of days either side of the anniversary weekend...

    Kate (

  11. I have burned my boobies so I know that is painful. Nice tan line eventually? The kids are beautiful. "...sheep shorn" - you crack me up!

  12. OW!! not to mention that's a whole heap of bewbies there too! Do you have aloe vera? That can make you feel better. It's so amazing to see sunburn while we are freezing cold. Love how tyou talk about your kids, shearing the sheep and trimming the fringe. Your so fun.

  13. Chris, This is a bit full on but I only have your best interests at heart.

    Sunburn is a radiation burn to the skin. Skin turns red within two to six hours of being burnt. It will continue to develop for the next 24 to 72 hours. The more exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the worse the sunburn becomes.

    Sunburn can be grouped by seriousness:

    ■first-degree sunburn: mild sunburn that reddens and inflames the skin
    ■second-degree sunburn: more serious reddening of the skin and water blisters
    ■third-degree sunburn: requires medical attention; you should see your doctor if you experience blistering, headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness or severe pain.
    Is damage permanent?
    Sunburn at any age, whether serious or mild, can cause permanent and irreversible skin damage that can lay the groundwork for skin cancer later in life.

  14. Penny, NZ5:15 PM

    Chris, I can so relate to that bad sunburn. I have to say in your defense that it is so easy to have it sneak up on you like that - the day at my aunt's last year was exactly the same: in and out of the pool, sunscreen lathered on between swims and thought I was doing well until I got home. I then spent a week unable to leave the house because I couldn't wear anything on it. You are all lucky I can't attach a photo to this comment because it was gruesome - far worse than yours I can tell you, and yours makes me cringe for you. Mine took weeks to heal and I suspect I will be paranoid about sunburn for the rest of my life. Hope it feels better soon. Good luck!

  15. OOOOOO - Ouch!! That Has to Hurt!I got accidentally burnt one year and I sprayed vinegar on it and it was better in two days. The next time I made a spray with Lavender and I smelled wonderful! I bet you could find that recipe with Google :Lavender sunburn spray?

    Congrats. on finding the shoes! That was wonderful and took a load off your shoulders. :)

  16. Ouch... that sunburn looks painful. Did you wear any sunblock? None of us leave the house without sunblock all over. I still find I get a tan but so far, no burning. I am actually amazed at the effectiveness of it! As you say, lesson learned. I shudder to think back though to my younger years when sunburn was just part of summer!

  17. I can sympathise with your burn't bits Chris. NZ sun is more dangerous than Ausi in my experience. Can be a cool overcast day and the fierce sun comes out all of a sudden and the damage is done before we have to say sunburn!!

    The photos of the kids are gorgeous. They're growing so fast. Love the shoes!!

  18. When I lived in Hawaii, the locals called white people Haoles (pronounced how-lees) When they got sunburned, they called it haole rot.

    Those are the cool, trendy shoes!

  19. Hot looking, to say the least!

  20. Ouch ouch......I know you know but I just going to say; be more careful out there in the sun! 8 Days wooohoo!!! Enjoy the last week of no schedules.

  21. Hi I was just looking at the Hannahs mailer that came with the paper, and on page 6 there are sandals that have straps that are adjustable for thin or wide feet, if you want some more....

  22. fuck-face-mcgee10:39 PM

    rofl thats what bush maoris like. BOOBS


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