Sunday, January 23, 2011


It is our last day at the beach, which is sad... but Stew has to go back to work tomorrow.

His three weeks holiday has gone by so fast.  I'm going to miss having him around all day.

As soon as we have tidied up Anne and John's home we will head over the hill to meet up with Anne R from Palmerston North, who's in Whitianga visiting friends.   I am going to have morning tea with her, I have not seen her since we left Palmerston North way back in 2008!!!

She has had a rough time over the past couple of years, culminating in her husband Peter passing away from cancer.   

Once we have had a good 'chin wag' (yak).... we will be heading for home.

So until then.... catch ya later on in the day... when I'm back home....

Oh and as for the sunburn... sore.  No doubt going to peel.  LOVELY I'm sure.

We are safely home again.  I really loved seeing Anne and her friend Pauline in Whitianga at morning tea time... so neat to catch up with her again.  Thanks for meeting us Anne!  Sorry we got you out of bed early too!  lol

We had an eventful trip home, will upload lots of photos and show you all tomorrow what we got up to!

For now, it's unpack the bags, do the washing and think about LUNCH as it's now 2pm and we are all hungry.

I sent some of the worst photos that I took today to a News site on the net... and they published one of my photos!   I think that is neat.   If  you want to see it, go to: and click on the news heading "Weather chaos continues", and click on 'NEXT' under the first large photo, mine is about the third one that comes up!    Edit:  we were travelling in Stew's work car, just a toyota camry.... so the water came up over the bonnet a few times.... it was pretty scary!!!

End of Day:  spent the evening watching The Biggest Loser that was taped while we were away... I loved it!  Tracy didn't win... that was all I cared about!  
All good.
Diet?  not so good today... but back on track tomorrow... I promise!
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Wow that three weeks has gone super fast.... bummer havin to go back to work. Ugh.

    Glad you guys have managed to have a good break even though the weather has turned to custard.

    Catch ya....

    Kate (

  2. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Glad you had a great time at the beach. I bet the kids are sorry to leave! and hubby too, bet he'd rather stay than go back to work!! ...debbie

  3. I know you were spoiled with having Stew around all the time. Time always flies by when you are having fun.

  4. Three weeks gone already? Time flies when you're having fun, dammit.

  5. its 10.38 and u r probably chatting with Anne about now hope u have a GREAT CATCHUP I seen her in P/N and it was lovely to actually give her a hug instead of cyber hugs.
    I cant beleive it is 3 weeks that Stew has been home wow dnt tell me this year os going to whizz past as fast as last year did.
    I am off to do another linen party today 3rd in 4 days so I am so getting back into it...helped by the sale that is on of course

  6. So enjoyed meeting up with you once more:-) Hope it's not so long next time!!!

    Safe travels!

  7. I hate how the husbands' holidays seem to go so fast. Peter only had 2 weeks, but it flew. Sounds like you had a nice time away. Good on you with your weight loss too, you're doing fabulous.

  8. Hell... Where did that 3 weeks go?

    Michelle x

  9. Hope you had a lovely time with Anne. I had hoped to catch up with you both but timing was out. We leave to go to Waihi Beach tomorrow for a couple of weeks so am hoping the weather improves.
    Hope that sunburn stops hurting !!! You'll be the brownest of us all though.
    Happy New Year

  10. I'm glad you are home safe - just heard the Maramarua road is closed due to an accident with four people in the car... very pleased it was not you all!!

  11. gosh that did fly by, I do hope you weren't washed home by all the rain!!!!!!!!!

  12. glad you had a good break and catchup with friends
    and good loss too keep it up chickee

  13. Gosh it doesn't seem like 3 weeks since you announced Stew to be on holiday! Where does time go??

    I just checked out your photo - OMG - did you have to drive through that?? Rather you than me! I'd be way too scared! Glad you arrived home safely - hopefully you didn't have to swim home!!

  14. wow cool pics glad u have a big 4 x 4 to get through that

  15. Glad you are home safe.

    So you drove through deep water ... I think you mean it sprayed up that high or you made a bow wave. Anyway the flooding here was not as bad as expected.

    Thanks for leaving the house PERFECT. So good to come in and not have anything to do until it stops raining and we can do laundry.

    You had a great Coromandel Holiday. Sunburn, swimming, flooding shopping and coffee with friends.

    We enjoyed your company and hope you'll come again.

  16. I would NOT have driven through that!! Seriously, I would have spat the dummy and made Stu turn back if it was us. Terrifying.

  17. I nominated you for an award on my blog chickydee!

  18. Very cool that you got your picture published...hell of a lot ot have to drive through to do it though! So glad to hear you are home safe!

  19. Gee...whats happening to the world?
    My son keeps saying this is just the start and the world is coming to an end in 2012. He does watch a lot of movies :O).

    You were lucky Stews car didn't float away.

    Michelle x

  20. A good chin wagging is a great thing!


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