Thursday, January 06, 2011


Yep, totally boring title of me blog today.
But vacuming is all I can think of right now.
The whole house needs a serious vacum and clean... and lots of other stuff.

We are expecting a lot of visitors on Saturday for Stew's 50th Birthday, and I have no idea just how many are staying over on Saturday night either!

So, the house needs to be tidied up, air beds need to be blown up, bedding and pillows sorted out... bla bla bla!

We are expecting all of our kids EXCEPT our son Russell, who lives in Perth and cannot make it.  I can't wait to see our younger boys.... we miss them so much. 

My absolutely fabulous friend Chris D from Palmerston North is driving the boys up here... a 9 hour trip one way... so the boys can be here for their Dad's 50th!  What a special friend she is eh? 

Oh and she's bringing her new baby too.... a little Bichon puppy! lol.  I wonder how Teddy and Coco will take that?   I think Coco will mother him and Teddy will ignore him!
Time will tell.


I just got a christmas video sent to me via email.... it's of an amazing house in Cincinatti, USA, it's AMAZING!!!!
Go check it out if you havn't already seen it:

I loved it, so did the kids.

Vacuming is done... ya.
It's drizzling here... so hot and humid AGAIN.  Keeping me fingers crossed that the weather is fine on Saturday.

ABOVE:  well apart from housework.. I made these two pillowcases to match the 2nd Heart Quilt... which is going to be MINE... cos I love it!

End of Day: didn't do much else for the evening, watched some telly... started working on another UFO.... nite nite.


  1. Riviting...yet oddly amusing.

  2. Have a wonderful weekend, and remind Stew what a lucky man he is. What more could he want for his 50th! :-)

  3. How exciting for you hope it all goes well and I'm sure everything will run smoothly.

  4. You seriously crack me up! Visit me at my other blog too

  5. Wow!!!! You've got a lot going on!

    I know it'll be a great party. :)

    Can't wait to hear all about it and see the pictures! :)

  6. Oh, I hope you all have a fabulous time ...I'm sure Stew will be so excited to have all the kids, there for his birthday. I know it has to be disappointing for both of you and for Russell that he can't make it! :o)

    Chris, the house in that video is not far from my house. It's not in my neighborhood, but close. He's done that for years now and every year has to have off duty police work the area because of the traffic problems. But it is so cool to see in person!



  7. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Glad you liked it I thiught it rocked but imagine living in the house or just being his wife.No on second thoughts he would be divorced for sure Anyhow Happy New Year
    Mary H

  8. Hope today is a little bit better than yesterday for you xx

  9. The more the merrier hey? DOn't vacuum to much - you know they are going to make a mess of it anyhow ; P

    Happy b'day Stew!

  10. That's really cool! Would kind of suck to live next door to though lol.

  11. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Happy Birthdat to Stew! Sounds like your house will be hoppin' this weekend! Hope the rain will hold off for you!! ...debbie

  12. Oh wow!! That is so exciting!! :)

  13. I think Vacuum had two U's

  14. cant wait to see the finished product on your bed :) and wish we were close enough to come to stew's b day bash!!!!!
    love you

  15. Good luck with the vacuuming! I personally hate that particular chore.

    Can't wait to hear how the dogs like the puppy.

  16. Hope all is in order for the party. Have a blast.


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