Saturday, January 15, 2011


This morning we are taking Griffin back to the Doctor... we hope to get a numbing cream for his lip... as he's  super grumpy as it's so sore... AND he is having trouble eating too.

After lunch we are going to view two Open Homes, two large homes in Hill Park... next suburb over from our's.  We are still undecided on what to do.. but keeping our options open for now.

In between those two things I will sew... and sew... cos I'm determined to get the gift (for Anne and John) finished before we go to Matarangi on holiday.  I still can't get over them letting us stay in their home!  AMAZING.

I tried using my Pro Points calculator last night, I think I've got is sussed, I just have to use it more so it becomes easier.  Feeling super positive about this 'lose weight' shit now!  I am sure I can do it AGAIN.... and this time keep it off.

I've been sewing all morning, stopped for lunch (an open sandwich with chicken and salad)... then we went and looked at two houses.  Both were not suitable.... even though they both had gorgeous pools.  *sigh*... oh for a proper pool.

Griffin's lip is slowly getting better ... according to the Dr.  He could not give us anything to numb it as then Griffin could go and damage it again!  Grrrr... meantime we have to put up with him grizzling.  WONDERFUL.

I have finished the 'gift' for our lovely friends in Matarangi! I can't believe I got it finished so quickly. 

Dinnertime, I'm having steak and salad...

End of Day:  and I watched some taped TV programmes tonight with Stew, which was nice.  I kept thinking of food... expecially sweet stuff... BUT I didn't cave.  It's hard though after being  self-indulgent for so long. 
Diet: On track and loving it. 
nite nite.


  1. Hope Griffin feels better! Keep us posted as to what you finally do with the homes.

  2. Yes you can Chris! I faced up to the music yesterday - 2.5kg gain since the start of December. Could have been worse I guess! I'll look forward to hearing of your progress as we go forward.

  3. i hope the dr gives you something fOr the poor boy. at least something to help keep it moist so it wont crack.

  4. I do hope Griffins lip gets better isn't it funny YOU TELL kids what not to do and they ONLY remember from the mistakes OF doing the opposite!

  5. Hy, i would recommend nurfeon liquid for painrelief and bonjela on the lip for some relief. I am a nurse in Australia and its defintely what i would do. I use this comibiantion when my girl gets bad ulcer or my boy is teething. Bonjela will numb it slightly but nto completley so he wont make it worse. Both are over the counter

  6. Hey Chris ... maybe you could purchase a few packets of Weight Watchers jelly for those "sweet urges". I found them really good when I was watching what I ate - and I usually was quite satisfied with just a few teaspoons of the stuff.

  7. Penny, NZ11:09 PM

    Hi Chris,

    Hope Griffin's lip gets better soon, I showed it to my partner and we were both cringing. Poor boy!

    Sweet cravings: I am lucky, we don't keep things like biscuits in the house (helps to not have kids or a sweet toothed partner) but cinnamon toast has saved me in the past. Not perfect but better than eating a bag of lollies like I did during my teenage years. Likewise, a trim hot chocolate or a hot milk drink with honey used to help, or herbal fruit teas with a spoonful of honey.

    Also, there is Fresh and Fruity frozen yoghurt - like icecream but much less fat. It has sugar but is still a better option.

    Anyway, good luck! You didn't cave - well done!

    Best wishes, love Penny xo

  8. Don't forget to use your fruit as your sweet stuff cravings. It is hard NOT to go overboard as it is "free" but I just have my 3 serves a day!

  9. Sorry about Griffins lip, such things, as well as being painful, are annoying.

  10. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Poor Griffin. I know he must be sooo miserable! ...debbie

  11. I guess this experience might teach Griffin to listen when he is told not to do something . . . maybe!

    Good work with all the sewing. You rock.


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