Thursday, January 20, 2011


We are at gorgeous Matarangi Beach... and that is all I am saying right now.

Hopefully I will be able to pinch Anne's computer to do an update while we are here... if not.....

Hang in there cos I will be back!

Hee hee... I'm back!   I'm sitting in Anne and John's gorgeous beach house.... using Anne's laptop...

It's a glorious day....I can't see a cloud in the sky. Last night we went into Whitianga and I weighed in at the local WW's group...and I LOST 1.5  kilos... so I was really happy about that.

Today we are going to make the most of the lovely weather and spend most of the day down at the beach...  

I bought my camera, but not the cable, so I can't put any photos on the blog until I get home... what a bugger!

Right... outta here.... woo hooo! we all just spent and hour and a half at the beach, then came back to the house for lunch... and in an hour's time we will go back!
I got in the water... at first it was OMG FREEZING.... but once in properly it was just lovely!
I am so glad we came... it's a blistering hot,  sunny day, not a cloud in the sky!  So much for the weather forecast....ppfffffft!  Useless buggers got it wrong.  
I hope I don't eat those words tomorrow if it starts raining... lol.

We went back to the beach after lunch and now we are all rather sunburnt!  Well... I am anyway.  First time spending much time in the sun... I think I'm going to be VERY RED tomorrow!  Oh well... it was so lovely in the water... lots of nice sized waves... the kids had a blast with their boogy boards.
Off to prepare dinner now, we are having a BBQ once Anne and John get back from Thames.



  1. I KNEW it would be lovely over there!!! Actually I think it will be Ok for the whole time too. The rain radar is showing nothing but nice weather. It might cloud over but hey, that's no problem. Have a great time.

  2. Yay for losing weight! It's not easy and it's so easy to fall back into old habits. I've been slowly going down rather than just a quick drop but it's been more lasting. My asked my sister for some weight loss advice and she said she never eats past 6pm. That is hard for me because I stay up late working on blogs so I make it around 7pm.

  3. sooo cool photos to anticipate :) get off the puter and have FUN!!!!!!!

  4. Well done on the loss Aunty!

  5. I just checked the rain forecast and I can't actually see any for where you are. Hopefully it will be lovely for the entire time there!! yay, glad you went. Isn't that beach just magic? I took a copy of the "web cam" photo of the beach which I will email to you in case you want to post that.. Just to show others what it was like today!!

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  7. Even if we do get some rain, we've also had some wonderful weather. Relax and enjoy and hope to catch up Sunday:-)

  8. Am I invited to the "Anne" convention?
    I love the beach, and I won't take up much room.
    Just sew me up a little bag, and I 'm good to go!
    What fun!

  9. I'm so glad you are having a good time! I can't wait to see pictures.

  10. Hope you're have a fabulous time. Just wondering how much the full ww pro points cost?

  11. beach boogie boards and burnt skin now thats a breakaway holiday there!!!

  12. Does Annes laptop have a memory card reader? You could use that to get photos

  13. I'm glad you decided to go and that the weather is so nice. I reckon Adelaide and Auckland have similar weather because whenever you post about the weather it is usually the same as ours.

    Enjoy your break and well done on the 1.5 kg loss.

  14. Thanks for the yummy BBQ. We were really tired after our day out. Thames was soooo hot. Such luxury to come home and not have to do anything.

  15. When you say the water is freezing, I wonder what the temp is. Here it is freezing at 79 F

  16. Sounds like heaven! Enjoy. I will try not to be too jealous!

  17. Great weigh in, woohoo! The beach sounds wonderful. Have fun!


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