Monday, January 17, 2011


Well.. actually I'd like it even better if it was not the school holidays!  lol

 ABOVE:  two photos of Auckland city I took yesterday on our way home from Orewa... as you can see.. it was a glorious day.  Stunning even.... I never tire of that view of Auckland.

ABOVE:  a snippet of Orewa Beach.... I forgot to take my camera down while we were walking and the kids were swimming.   Oh well.... when we get to Matarangi you will get lots of beach photos I hope. 

The weather is not looking that flash, some rain is expected later on this week... but I'm sure even if it does rain we will have a lovely break away.

I hope to go to Sylvia Park today .... I want to see if Weight Watcher's has a large, comprehensive Pro Points Book.... one that tells me the points value of almost every food.  I can't see one on their internet site at all.  Does anyone know if there is such a book now?  
I've got an old one... but the points values are no longer valid.  Crap.


SANDIE: ???  what did you find???

ABOVE:  went out, bought the 'book'.... had a yak with Colleen, the Head of Weight Watchers New Zealand, she's a lovely lady.  And man does she have a good memory for faces, I had met her a few times before,  a couple of years ago and she remembered me. 

Another blistering hot day here, must not go out in the sun today... got a bit burnt yesterday! 

Kids are in the splash pool.... it's been raining!  So now it's hot AND humid!  I have sweat running off me and I'm not even MOVING!!!
I just did some more sewing, made something else to 'go' with the gift for our Matarangi friends.... happy now.

End of Day: and it's cooler now...still raining on and off.... and expecting more tomorrow.  Had roast pork and veges for dinner... oh it was so nice! 
Diet: still on track, freaking amazing.  WOMBAT: of course I had some crackling... but I counted it!!!!
nite nite.


  1. Morning. I found this for working out the points. Works well if you can get the net on your phone then you can just check when you are out.

  2. Two more sleeps. Yahoooo!

    Do you think I'm looking forward to seeing you? Just a tad.

  3. I got the new shopping and eating out guide in Aussie from my local meeting. It was a package deal and included the calculator which i think is a must as many things arnt included in the book. Although you can use the calculator online

  4. Is the Propoints system better do u think?

  5. sorry was a womble and forgot to post the link.

    I just have it bookmarked on my iPhone so when we are at the supermarket I can quickly look up the points

  6. I would've thought they sold the books at the WW meetings. There is the Shopping Guide you've got pictured but also a 'Eating Out Guide' which features all the Fast food outlets including NZ ones. They came with a Calculator also.

    I think if you pay by direct debit online you can also get a WW app for the IPhone which I plan on doing this week.

    Good luck Chris :)

  7. I've got the iphone ww app and it's brilliant :) tracks food & exercise as well as a calculator, you can use it online or store the info offline till you get internet access..

  8. O Chris!
    What breath-taking pictures! I would think that I had died and gone to Heaven! :)

  9. Beautiful photos, Chris. What a lovely, sunshiney day and the water is gorgeous. Oh, I so wish it was summer here. I HATE winter!



  10. I never tire of seeing AUCKLAND either some days I miss my life in AKLD alot!

  11. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Confess! Did you have any crackling? You can't have roast pork without crackling! It's not natural! WOMBAT

  12. What a lovely day you had! So nice and relaxing. Glad to hear that Griffin's lip is healing.

    Your dogs are adorable!

  13. Keep up the wonderful work on WW. Such lovely weather, enjoy.


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