Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We were watching he biggest Loser last night... they were going back and visiting winners from years ago... and there was one guy named Eric who lost a massive amount of weight, became the 'Biggest Loser' winner.... then put all the weight back on again.

I did the same thing.
I KNOW HOW to lose the weight.
I KNOW HOW to gain the weight.
I just need to learn how to live life at the right weight and STAY THERE.

Lessons still need to be learnt, and this time around I want to learn them for life.   Anyone got any suggestions, cos once I lose the weight AGAIN, I want to know how to keep it off FOREVER.

I know one essential thing, I am 'goal driven'.... last time my 'goal' was to lose the weight and then get a tummy tuck.   DONE.
This time? 
Come on... give me some really good goals!

And NO, I don't ever want to run a bloody marathon!

OOOO I just thought of one!
Stew's best mate Richard is turning 50 in June.... so That is my First Goal... to be at least 15 kilos down by then.  And my 'reward' can be???

Still not going to the beach... even though it looks like the weather MIGHT clear for Thursday/Friday.... it's expected to start raining again by saturday.  We just don't feel like packing everyone up and only getting a couple of nice-ish days then coming home cos it's so wet. Been there, done that!  Not fun with kids and dogs. 

ONE thing I am going to do today is ask my friend Lynda to take up the gift I made for Anne and John next time she goes up there... cos I made it for them and I still want them to have it.  Who knows, we might yet get to go and stay with them one day in the future.

Give me 10 outta 10 for PROCRASTINATION!   We are GOING TO THE BEACH this afternoon!!!!
We are throwing caution to the winds, to hell with it... if it rains... we walk and swim in the bloody rain!  So what?

STEVE:  nice idea!  How about our 25th Wedding Anniversary we get married again! That is in June 2012... plenty of time to be nice size again.  *smiles*  AND YOU CAN BE the Master of Ceremonies!  lol ... you have the gift of the gab afterall...

End of Day:  really early!  We are off to the beach.  I will be weighing in at Weight Watchers tonight in Whitianga... then we will have dinner with our Grandson Joshua in Whitianga before heading back to Matarangi to chill for the evening.  Look out Anne and John... we are about to decend on YOU!  lol
nite nite


  1. Hi Chris,

    Congrat on starting with WW. Remember when you visited the gastric banding doctor and he told you that you couldn't lose weight without an operation. You were mad. Maintain the rage. That should keep you motivted. Good Luck


  2. I hear you with the weight gain. You know I had that lap band? Everything was so good for 3 years. Then POOF! I have put about ten kg on in the last twelve months. It happens so fast! I have to try very hard now to lose it. I know it's only 10kg, but when you are sitting on the one weight for a period of time for the first time in your life, you get to love it.

    Fingers crossed for you, and for me. I hope you get 15 down by July. Who great would that be!


  3. How about this for a goal, lose enough weight so you feel comfortable in a dress, a white dress 2 be precise, and then you and dad get re-married! Seeing as how your both over old now I thought it would be lovely to see you 2 get married again, and this time I'll be old enough to remember it and take part :)


  4. Cute idea :)

    I know all about the on and off with the weight. UGH so sick of myself but I continue to eat crap.

  5. You had a tummy tuck?
    What biggest loser were you watching?
    We have a local guy who was on the oz one a few seasons ago called Micheal. Everyone loved Micheal, he was a really big,sensitive young guy who just wanted to find love and play footy again with his brother.
    He lost all his weight, got what he wanted and looked fantastic!
    Then i saw him a year later and he was right back where he started. It was so sad and preventable!
    I know if i had a second chance like that, i'd fight like hell to stay there!

  6. Aawwww Steve is so sweet! :o))

  7. Losing 15kg in 6 mths isn't healthy. 2012 sounds more realistic. 2010 you did pretty good on your diet until you stopped out of the blue. Then you talked yourself into not caring about the weight. That's how it starts.

  8. Have an awesome time at the beach.

    Maybe you the night of the 50th party you could get a sitter for the kids & splash out on a night in a hotel - just you & Stew??? Pick one with a free breakfast & a late checkout.

  9. Steve's idea is brilliant! That's a terrific goal. And June 2012 is do-able. Go for it!

  10. I kniw how easy it is to regain the wight and sometimes it just happens and u arent in te right mind space tobe even aware of it death and losscan be horrid thing.

    Re the wedding anniversary re vows thing wat a truely AWESOME idea
    go girl go girl

    have an amazing break away regardless of the weather

  11. Love what Steve said!

    As I am sitting here eating M&M's.......I am thinking the same thing. I lost around 15 pounds and need to lose more and what am I doing but putting even more on. Wish it wasn't so hard!

  12. ((hugs)) and I understand. Very, very well.

  13. Have an awesome break and good luck with the weigh in :)

  14. Have an awesome break and good luck with the weigh in :)

  15. Dear Friend - I know what I would do IF I had enough money to purchase the type of food that my body would need. There is a gal who has a tv show and I have all of her books. Number one book would be You Are What You Eat by Gillian McKeith.

    These people hire her to be their personal trainer and she not only teaches them about food and gets them started on a new way of eating-plus getting them hooked on healthy foods . After they start the procedure she introduces them to exercises they need- like roller skating or tennis or walking . It needs to be something that each different person can relate to because if you don't love it - then you will slide away from it and I think we All know that we need exercise to keep us moving and to work off toxins. She also took a stool sample and had it examined to see what vitamins are missing from their diets (You know like someone addicted to a hamburger diet leads to vitamin shortages.) SHE says that even her daughter calls her the food freak! But it was not always this way for her.

    She says that the inspiration to her change of life was when a lady gave a speech on her RECOVERY. The speaker's name was Elaine Nussbaum, and she was sent home to die because her whole body was riddled with cancer and she could barely walk, talk breathe sit or stand.

    On her deathbed, a friend decided to spoon-feed her an esoteric diet, called "macrobiotic" This incorporated natural vegetarian foods like brown rice, green vegetables, seeds, seaweeds beans and lots of soy or Miso soups Within one month she began to regain strength. Within two months, she felt like she was no longer ill. She went back to the hospital for tests and doctors discovered that her cancer had disappeared in full . They had never seen anything like it, and she had Never heard of anything like it.
    That was when her journey began-when she realized how powerful food is.
    This is a clip from her book.
    Why Diets Don't Work
    Conventional and traditional fad diets usually do not work. Calorie-counting diets, the "point system diet" or even the high-protein foods diet with no carbs-in my opinion these will all fail you and even worse, most of them are tedious, pointless and down right dangerous to the body. Sure they might help you to lose some weight in a few weeks of even in a few months . In the long run, you won't be able to continue with these fad diets,because ultimately you will gain the weight back and you won't be doing you body any favors.
    Fad diets operate on restricting you, and in effect will usually starve you of something important that your body needs. For example the extreme high-meat protein/low-carb diet craze is fundamentally, scientifically and nutritionally flawed. Every living human being must have complex carbohydrates to function , to think, for energy, for good sex and for a positive attitude. Complex carbohydrates include the important grains like brown rice, millet, quinoa , rye, barley and buckwheat. My patients who stopped eating complex carbohydrates for mostly high-protein foods started to seriously suffer from constipation, mood swings, anger , dizziness , headaches, stomach cramps and depression-even the most happy-go-lucky types.
    Sorry,to run on and on but I just really like this gal and believe that she sees how important our health is to each of us. :)

  16. O Shoot, I just spent 20 minutes sharing my belief and it said it could not be accepted. :( Bad, bad!

  17. sorry miss - i'm quite good at taking it off and putting it back on but keeping it off, my record to date is about 7kgs have managed to stay off for 8 years... not a great number i'm afraid!

  18. What a fantastic idea - and a great reward! Go for it xox

  19. The reward for losing weight should be just the fact you will love yourself again Chris... You will be happy when you look in the mirror... I miss that!! I have gained about 8 kilos from my smallest and I hate it... trying to get back on track lately.. we will get there!!

  20. Well by now you must be in beach mode SEE I KNEW you would go, good on you salt air walks, sand, rain who cares YOUR on holiday!

  21. Not to rain on your parade, but I read somewhere that something like 97% of the people who lose weight gain it back.
    How about quit worrying about it, and weigh what God wants you to weigh?

  22. Yeah on going to the beach! It sounds wonderful. Wish I was going with you.

  23. I hope you had a good day Chris, and enjoyed the beach.

    I am right there with you on the weight thing...I go to weigh in tomorrow with my doc. I'm curious to see how I've done. Not as well as I would have liked, I'm sure, but then again, no on forces me to eat, so I have no one to blame but myself either...

  24. Good luck with the weigh in. Have a great vacation. Keeping my fingers crossed the weather is nice an sunny.


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