Monday, January 24, 2011

OUR MATARANGI HOLIDAY... masses of photos!

Our holiday, in no particular order, thanks to Blogger being an arse again.

ABOVE:  We went to the Market in Whitianga on Saturday: some amazing fish wall hangings carved from various types of wood.  I wanted one sooooo much, but they were really expensive, so we left them there.  booo hooo.

ABOVE:  the kids playing with bubbles at the Whitianga Market on Saturday.

ABOVE: on the thursday we spent most of the day on the beach, Matarangi is so very beautiful.  We loved it there...

ABOVE:  me on the beach!  I even went swimming, the water was lovely.

ABOVE:  Stew keeping an eye on the kids in the water.  There were lots of really neat waves that day.

ABOVE:   me and Anne R ... we had morning tea together on Sunday morning before we came home.   She was one of my lovely Weight Watcher friends is Palmerston North.

ABOVE:  this was the wee quilt and matching pillowslips I made as a 'Thank You' gift for Anne F and her hubby John.   I can't thank them enough for giving us the chance to spend time at the beach in their home.

ABOVE:   the view from the Matarangi house on Sunday morning..... the day we came home.  It was WET, WET, WET.... though it wasn't only wet there, it was wet everywhere!

ABOVE:  The beach on Sunday morning, very rough and churned up. 
On our way over to Whitianga from Matarangi we came across flooding ...
ABOVE:  Our first flood, which was at Simpson's Beach, just before getting to Whitianga ... we got across just fine.

ABOVE:  the second flood... just by the Golf Course outside Whitianga.....and...

ABOVE:  the BIG ONE further up the road about 10 kms out of Whitianga!   I was a bit worried we would not get through... it was huge, and quite swift in places....

But luckily we did get through.

ABOVE: half way through the last BIG FLOOD we were stopping half way as oncoming cars were asking us if they would get through.... which we said 'Yes' to.....

ABOVE:  and the coolest thing ... we ran into (right in the middle of the last big flood) an old friend of the family ... Richard!  So we had a very quick 'Hi, how are ya' before we had to move or risk getting stuck in the water!  It was rather funny.

The next thing that was mildly exciting was a cowshed burning .....  AND then the main road we were travelling on was blocked due to an accident, so we (and hundreds of other cars) had to be diverted onto windy country roads for AGES to bypass the accident. 

We were very glad to get home I can tell you! 

NOW:  Today?  Well Stew is back at work and I am trying to get all the washing done and dried.... and unpack all that I didn't get to yesterday.   How joyful....


Getting masses done.... while it still rains and rains.... hopefully in the next few days it will fine up again!
I have gone and re-arranged our lounge AGAIN!   It is something I tend to do when ever we get home from being away!  Weird.... must be some sort of 'nesting' instinct in me?  lol

Apart from that, it's just a 'get the washing done' sort of day. 

Hopefully later on I can start reading your blogs again to see what I've missed out on!

End of Day: I'm knackered.  I'm done for the day....been busy non stop doing jobs around the house. 
Diet:  on track. 
nite nite.


  1. Great pictures, Chris, from the beach to the floods. What a fun trip to end Stew's time off. Glad you made it home okay, even if it was to the joy of washing and unpacking.

  2. sounds like you had a wonderful time away.. sorry Stew has to go back to work :(

    Anne :)

  3. Anonymous9:10 AM

    What an exciting trip home!! But that kind of excitement you can do without!! What a nice thank you gift. Gee, you can come here for a visit!! lol The ocean photos were nice! So pretty!! ...debbie

  4. awesome pics love those carved fish and whales... just beautiful art there... love the beach and riding back through the floodswith you !!!!!!!
    Happy Monday to you!

  5. oh my gosh you were in Stews car lucky you got through the water!!!
    welcome home to wet nd windy auckland lol

  6. Chris, you might consider doing a few quilts or shams and bring them to market and trade for the things you want!! Your stuff is good stuff and why not??

  7. I love those fish too!! Sounds like a great holiday!

  8. Anonymous10:15 PM

    I do that too when I come home from holidays, want to arrange all the furniture and re-decorate, paint walls etc. I think you must see different rooms/places/things on holiday and then try to re-create them when you get home to make it feel like you still on holiday! WOMBAT

  9. Excitement plus alright that was one helluva puddle to drive through!!!! Like you I am a re arranger (but of draws and cupboards.

  10. I like the pictures! I like seeing your countryside.

    I also like the pic when you saw your friend on the road. It's cool when that happens!

  11. It looks like the entire family had a good time! The beach looks fabulous! That flooding looks really bad. Glad that you were able to get through all of them.

  12. Welcome home, glad to hear the trip went well. Too bad the vacation is over. Hope getting caught up on things isn't too painful.

  13. Looks like you had an adventurous vacation! Very cool pic of your on

    Glad you're safe at home.

  14. Beautiful photos, Chris. Those carved fish were so sorry you weren't able to get one. And it's always scary when you come across a flooded're just never really sure how deep it will be. Glad you all made it through just fine!



  15. What a bummer that those fish carvings were so expensive, they were awesome looking! (I guess that's why they are pricey!)

    You took some great pictures - that flooding looks scary! I'm glad you got home safely!

  16. Crossing that water looks so scary! About 10 years ago we had a lot of flooding here and had to cross water but never that deep.


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