Sunday, January 09, 2011


ABOVE:   Stew and three of his old school mates... they really enjoyed catching up with each other. 

I'm actually in bed.... trying to have a sleep in!
Fat chance of that with a house full.

Today will be dedicated to getting all the visitors off home again.. .then a big clean up!  And sort out all the left-over food!  OMG why do we always put out too much food!


Oh.... at 12.30 last night Lacy asked Kelly if she would like another ear piercing?   Ummmmm OK... so Lacy just SHOVED a stud through her ear love... NO TIME FOR HER TO EVEN THINK ABOUT IT... Lacy just shoved it in!

 ABOVE:   the new earring ... and

ABOVE:  the 'Gimp' who did it.   She's a right twit... and drunk... nah nah na na.. I so hope she wakes up with a freakin hangover. 

We are all up, I made a big platter of bacon and scrambled eggs with toast... we fed the masses.. I made packed lunches for the 4 going back to Palmerston North and Lacy who left for Kerikeri, and sent them all on their way by lunchtime!

We are now doing all the washing, putting away all the bedding and blow-up beds... and once it's all done I am going to CRASH and have a nap!  lol

It has been a very busy and tiring three days, but so worth it as Stew had a really lovely time on his birthday.

The only downside of having them all here is that Griffin has not stopped crying  since they left!  He loves his Uncle Steve and Uncle Mike so much.... hopefully he will settle down soon cos right now you can't even talk to him, he's that upset.

End of Day:  Griffin came right after an hour and a half.... been a nice quiet day, got the house all tip top again.... had that Nana Nap...3 hours!    Left over salads and cold meats for dinner.... and now...nite nite.


  1. I have heard of a lot of strange things happening at big parties, but never a spontaneous ear piercing. Whatever made her think of that?
    I hope you can get everyone out and get some rest.

  2. Well, aside from the PIERCING, sounds like a nice time lol.

  3. Ooh! That must have hurt! The stupid things we do drunk!

  4. Now THAT is hard core!

  5. my second holes were pretty much done the same way... my besty at the time (shes dead now) did mine I did hers and we both did her little sisters (who is also dead now) :( god I miss those girls.
    we were sober though when we did ours LOL

  6. Haha love it I am glad Stew and his mates and the family had a blast, poor Griffin my heart sank when I read that, perhaps one holidays as he gets older his Uncles might meet half way in Taupo to take him for a few days (hint hint to a visit in Taupo), LACY LACY LACY she's a classic party animal!!

  7. When someone with a lot of piercing asks you if you want a piercing, the wisest thing to do is RUN. (if you can)

  8. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Poor Griffin. I remember when we'd leave my Gramma's house in Connecticut to go back home to Texas, we cried all the way to Missouri. Glad Stew had a great birthday - sounds as if you all had a great time and plenty of food! Eeekk on the piercing...what a brave gal. ...debbie

  9. Crash and enjoy your nap! Sounds a well deserved one!

  10. I didn't know you could do that, just shove the pin through? Dang!

  11. Awww that's so cute he was crying! Looks like tons of fun!

  12. OH.MY.GOSH. What a brave girl (or just drunk?) Kelly is. I would have screamed bloody murder as that would have HURT!

    Glad that Stew had such a great birthday with all his friends and family there. After all that, you definitely deserve that rest!



  13. Holy moly your husband's bald friend in the white t-shirt is GORGEOUS! :)


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