Friday, January 28, 2011


 ABOVE:  Zebra bums.... don't they look lovely?  ha ha ha  My Sister-in-Law took lots of photos yesterday while she had the kids at the Zoo...

 ABOVE:   I had the devil of a time getting Griffin to agree to be THIS CLOSE to his sister for a nice photo ....the little shit! 
But, I did get one good shot.

 ABOVE: awesome shots of the tiger...

 ABOVE:  I thought the composition of this shot was just awesome... I particularly love the way the tree branch frames the picture at the top.

 ABOVE:  this is where the kids ran into Lynda, feeding the Giraffe's. 

 ABOVE:  my FAVOURITE animals!   I love them.

 ABOVE:  I wonder how my SIL explained what these two were doing????   lol

ABOVE: after visiting the Zoo and having lunch at St Lukes mall, my SIL took them swimming at Point Chev beach.... they loved their day with Aunty Khady. did I go at Weight Watcher's last night?   I fully expected a gain... but instead I had a .600 gram LOSS!  I was surprised and THRILLED.   Now I just have to be careful so that the evil food I did eat last week doesn't come back and bite me on the bum next week at weigh in!  Oh and I really enjoyed the meeting last night too.  I stuck up conversation with lots of the ladies there.... which was really lovely.

TODAY I'm looking forward to having Stew home for the long weekend (Monday is Auckland Anniversary Day)....
No plans for today, just hang around home I expect. 

As I thought, it's been a very quiet day today.   Just pottering around the house doing the washing, reading, watching telly.... almost time to put dinner on... we are having lamb chops casseroled in mint sauce with veges.  Yum yum.

Dinner was lovely... we had it without Stew.  He's stuck on the motorway somewhere... the traffic is unbelievable tonight... masses of people are leaving the city as it's a long weekend, so the motorway is congested.

Once Stew gets home and has his dinner we are popping over the road to our neighbour's for a few 'drinkies' to celebrate the New Year and her first teaching job.  She, (Stephanie) is in her 50's and had just finished teacher training and has got a really good job near here.  So she is thrilled.

End of Day:  and we have just come home from the neighbours, it's almost 11 pm!  Time for bed. 
DIET: yep, not too bad today!
nite nite.


  1. Those stripes on those bums are so slimming too!!! The kids certainly look like they enjoyed their day at the Zoo and beach. Well done on your surprise loss.

  2. Awesome job on the loss

  3. Great pics, Chris. How lovely of your SIL to take the kids and give you a break. It's nice, isn't it?

    Enjoy the long weekend. Hope the weather is nice for you xx

  4. Well done on your WW loss.... how much are you hoping to lose all up? xxx

  5. love ALL the pics but especially love your fav and the riff raffs... they are my fav animals

  6. Well, I'll be Chris!
    Seems like you have had some wonderful news on all four corners of your day!

    Congrats. on the weight and that was really wonderful of your sil to take the kids.

    I am so happy that someone as sweet as you gets to have some "sweet" too! :)

  7. When I saw the word "bums" I was half-afraid yet half-curious to read the blog post. (that tells you what kind of person I am!) I'm rather relieved it's just zebra's bums tho'. I think I'm not ready for more flesh yet. Give me a couple of months more of reading your blog. Btw, congrats on the tiny loss of weight.

  8. Sometimes turtles, when they're walking in single file, get tired of waiting if the turtle in front of them is too slow. So they just climb over the slowpoke to get in front. That's what the turtles are doing. What did you think they were doing?

  9. Looks like the kids had a blast with their Aunt. Congrats on the loss. Have a great looooooong weekend. No time off till Easter on April 26th, oh the horrors!

  10. Dang - that giraffe thing is hugE!!
    Who knew?


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