Saturday, January 22, 2011


Well not to sure to be honest!
But I really want to go into Whitianga again... see our grandson Joshua again, and 'do' the shops.
OOOO Shops!
NOT that I have much money to burn... but I always like to do the shops.  
IF it turns out to be a lovely day I'm sure we will spend some time at the beach too... with LOTS of sunblock on!   LOTS AND LOTS.
So, that's it for today, unless I can steal Anne's computer!  lol
End of Day:  diet is going well I am sure, I'm hoping for a good loss next weigh in on Thursday.

Whitianga, 10.30 am:   it's wet, but not cold thankfully.   We are in Whitianga for lunch, a look around and then back to Matarangi for the afternoon.
While the weather has turned to crap it is still nice to be able to just lounge around and do nothing.  If I was at home I'd surely be sewing, doing housework etc.  Here.... I can just relax.

There is a local market on today so that's where I will be heading next.  Who know's what I might find?  lol

End of Day:  rather early I know, but there is no guarantee I will get back on a computer until tomorrow! 

Diet:  going OOOOKKKKK ish, think I'm still having a bit too much at dinnertime.  Must work on that.  One good thing... my fluid retention is much better so I'm thinking lots of carbs do not help!

nite nite


  1. Carbs get me too...and chocolate of course!

    I had good news at my doc yesterday. I've lost 8lbs in the last 6 weeks. Yay! I've got to stick with it...I'd started to inch back up, and didn't want to do that.

    How is the sunburn?

  2. weather is very cold and mucrky in TPO but its still holiday mode (ie NO SCHOOL)

  3. See you tomorrow:-)

  4. Chris, As long as you follow the pro points plan and eat the right amount of points I don't think it matters how many you eat at dinner time.


  5. I want to ride my bike to the beach today, and that's all I want to do!

  6. Anonymous4:02 AM

    Hang in there!! You can do it!!! ...debbie

  7. Penny, NZ5:07 AM

    So glad you went to the beach Chris - as you say, you would be running around doing things at home. It sounds like you are having a proper break! Enjoy!

  8. Penny, NZ5:10 AM

    I forgot to say look out for sunburn. I got a very bad sunburn in Auckland last year at my aunt's house and as a result have been very careful this year - had a week of very bad blistering and it hurt like hell. So be careful!


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