Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Today should be interesting.   We are going to have no kids for the day!  Stew's sister promised to take the kids out for the day as a Christmas Present... so we are meeting her at the Zoo and leaving the kids with her.   I really don't know what Stew and I will get up to, but you can bet it won't involve having lunch at damn McDonalds!

ABOVE: Griffin talking to his Uncle Steve on the phone yesterday.   He was trying not to cry.... as he misses Steve so much.  Steve is his hero.

So, until I get back from our 'out and about' I hope you all have a lovely day/afternoon/evening....WELL whatever time it is at your place!


9.15am... and plans have changed.  Sadly the kids are not going off with their Aunt for the day as the weather is total crap!  We have wind and rain.... lots of rain, so visiting the Zoo would not be a good idea at all.
So, their day out will have to be sometime next week... Oh well... these things happen.

I am sure we will still have a nice day....

Pffffft... the weather is so nasty here today, and it's supposed to last for days... which puts our trip to the beach up in the air sadly.
We see no point in going if it's going to rain most of the time.... so we will wait until tonight's latest forecast before making a decison on going or not.

Until then, I think I will do some housework!

Well we did some housework, we watched some tv, we cat napped... and we watched the wild weather outside.
Still very undecided about if we well go to the beach or not.  Might just postpone it and see if the weather clears later on in the week.

End of Day:  decision made, we will not be going to the beach tomorrow. If the weather does get better we will go... but for now we will stay home.... being stuck inside with nowhere to go with two kids, two dogs and a grumpy Mum is no fun... ! 
Diet:  felt really hungry this afternoon/evening... got the shakes too and felt ill... obviously not eating enough.
nite nite


  1. What a bummer, but at least you have that day next week to look forward to. I'll bet you can plan all kinds of adventures to get up to by then :)

  2. Bless you, but Griffin looks SO grown up in that pic. You have a lovely family, Chris, really you do. :)

  3. I'd still go to the beach regardless. It's always nice to have a change of scenery. And a rainy beach takes lovely photos.

    The kids can always duck outside during the brief non-rain periods.

    Go, and enjoy yourselves! Take the chance!

  4. Well, I guess you'll be rid of them another day! Remember, everything happens for a reason!

  5. Don't believe the forecasts for weather over at Matarangi!! Seriously, I look at the Metservice site every day and then look out the window and it is gorgeous. The forecast is getting better and even when it shows cloud, it usually just means that there will be some clouds during the day. When it says occasional showers it can just mean some drizzel in the night or something! Check again later but it looks fairly good to me.


  6. Well POOH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That seems to be the way with all "good plans". Sometimes you just have to "grab the bull by the hornes" and sneak a treat in! :)
    I loved your sweet disposition in dealing with it.So calm and serene!:)

  7. Anonymous3:14 PM

    I heard that this windy crappy weather is meant to pass and lessen to "showers" tomorrow - but I am at work by myself and the tiles on the ceiling are lifting with the wind.... bit scary!

    Will pray for fine weather so you can still go away....


  8. I thought the trip to the zoo might have been rained out.

    That weather looks like it will pass by tomorrow so don't worry about your plans. Forecast for Thurs onwards is lovely.

    Enjoy your holiday. It's really beautiful up there and hopefully not too many people.

  9. Too bad about the rotten weather. I hope things dry up over there.

    Griffin is so handsome. It's great that his uncle is his hero :-)

    Cheers, jj

  10. Just go Chris. Weather is so unpredictable - you just never know!!!

  11. What is it with this crazy weather!? It's all over the place.... sorry to hear it wrecked your child free day...next time:)

  12. Was cruddy weather here too BUT GUESS what the kids I'm looking after both have Chicken Pox!!!!! nice eh! being at the beach in the rain perhaps reading sleeping is still nice though.

  13. I realise you have made your decision but look at the rain forecast...


    We always go by this. When it shows the pale green it is just tiny fleeting drizzle. The forecast for tomorrow over there it fantastic!!

    I'm still deciding whether to go over or not just due to the fact I'll be going the following weekend. Still... maybe I will...

  14. Go and have a great time!
    Or go and go!

  15. hugs hope the weather is better so you can go to the beach! not good to have the shakes...

  16. So sorry to hear that the plans fell through! Hopefully next week will work out for everyone - and the weather will cooperate!

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