Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Our Granddaughter Rena has a new haircut.... her Dad did it.

Luckily it will grow out.... Mullets went out in the 80's eh?
Kelly dyed her hair black too... it's nice.

Today:  well his nibs is back at work (yeah I got it right this time)... and the kids and I will probably go out for something to do.... I can only look at the housework for so long before needing to get away from it for a while!  lol

Oh and I really should pull my finger out and finish a certain Baby bag for Amanda.... her wee girl will be here before we know it... ooooo I am so excited!   New babies are so ......ADORABLE!
(those bags are $50 each, change mats are $35... prices went up as I was only just covering costs before.)


ABOVE:  I decided to do the twice a year toy tidy up today.... before doing anything else.
Griffin's room was driving me nuts... but it was worse, SO MUCH WORSE... in Brylee's room!  She is a hoarder.   Bits of paper, reciepts from the supermarket, labels, you name it. 

We have stopped for lunch as it's 1pm and they are now feeling hungry!

Well I have finally called a halt to the housework... totally knackered now.  Dinner is in the oven, vacuming is done, washing folded and put away, bla bla bla.  Gee I just love housework.... YEAH RIGHT.

And we have not managed to get out at all... that will have to be tomorrow.

End of Day: two more sleeps till SCHOOL starts!  B & G are obviously getting bored and restless... I know for a fact they are looking forward to school too... they have packed their schoolbags already!
DIET:  it's a struggle... but OK.
nite nite


  1. Oh, the haircut....

  2. Anonymous8:47 AM

    OMG!!! Did he remember she was a GIRL???? I would have killed him my hubby!! What was he THINKING?!!...debbie

  3. He messed up that hair cut!!

  4. The hair! I thought for sure the baby did it! Can you not sew that girl a BONNET or elastic hairbow/flower getup first thing??? :)

    Poor girly.

  5. Hi. Those gifts are really cute.

    How are the puppies. I hope they're well over the itchiness.

  6. Oh My! I totally thought Rena had done it too, until I read that it was her dad.

    BTW, how was she towards you and Stew yesterday? Is she improving the more time you spend with her? x

  7. Oh poor Rena. Luckily she's too young to be aware. It's just the people looking at her who feels the pain.

  8. At first I thought the little monkey had found the scissors and done it to herself .... but then you say DADDY DID IT!!!!!!!
    I bet he got his butt kicked for that one lol.
    Joy :o)

  9. Too early unfortunately! I'm seeing my teacher tomorrow to go over it, tell me what to do ect. And organise a time to actually do it. :)

  10. i did that to myself once! and i have attempted to clipper D's hair only to have him packed off to the salon for a quick fix! lol ahhh the things we do.

    btw the prices of your bags are very reasonable, they are pure quality and worth every cent!!!

  11. Most kids do that to themselves at least once....maybe dad just got that out of the way for Rena.
    What in the hell made his do it?

  12. awwwww she's still soooo cute though :)

  13. Is he still alive? Your son-in-law that is. (krissy - singapore)

  14. Poor Rena, my kids did a better job of cutting their own hair at her age than her Dad did. I assume he is not planning on a career change any time soon?

  15. Gawd is his name Kev? and as you say it will grow, I have just finished work I did 14 hours today!!!! I am stuffed nice as I have to be at school in less than 8 hours to help set up for Powhiri(welcome and haka).

  16. I remember when I was kid and at the end of summer, actually eager to go back to school. I wish I could take a vacation and stay on it till I am actually eager to go back to work! It'd be a long long vacation!

  17. Oh my that is quite the haircut. Enjoy your last couple of days home with the kids.

  18. That haircut is a chuckle! So glad hair grows (hopefully, quickly!). Glad you got that clean out accomplished with the kiddos . . .

  19. Poor Rena!!

    My kids are all slobs, take after their dad apparently ;)


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