Wednesday, December 29, 2010


ABOVE:   well there it is, the first row of the 'Heart Quilt'.... I'm not sure about this QAYG technique at all.   I watched some videos on the 'net to find out how to do it... and OK, it seems easier than battling to quilt a whole quilt at the end of the process... but it just seems 'not so nice' this way?  Can't explain it really.... the finish isn't as good I think.

Anyway.... I will continue on now that I've come this far with it.

Stew went back to work today... he's got 3 days until he's off for 3 weeks.  I .  CAN'T.  WAIT.  nor can he I think!  Though we might get on his nerves after a week or two!  Or visa versa!  lol


The sun is out... OMG!  It's like living in a sauna here right now.  I am pottering around in the garage right now... trying to arrange things a bit differently before settling down to sewing again.  Thank God the kids are wrapt up in their new games etc... they are not giving me any grief at all... yaaaa!

ABOVE:  well I tried the 'Quilt as you Go' again... but it just didn't look good, so I am doing it the 'conventional' way now.    Got 4 rows joined this afternoon... but am stopping now as we are going to the beach for dinner.... and maybe a swim. 

End of DaY: the beach was lovely, when the sun stayed out... it was early evening and it got cool when the clouds came over.  B & G had a long swim, Stew and I decided it was kinda COOL in the water so stayed on land!  The kids had their wetsuits so were fine.  It was really nice having dinner by the water...
Since coming home I've managed to put all the rows together on the Heart Quilt and will start to quilt it 'proper' tomorrow.  That is gunna be 'fun' I'm sure.  But do-able.  nite nite.


  1. Hey just wondering how your one on one with B is going??. Hope you are both enjoying the time together :-)

  2. Harumph!

    i was off for 3 weeks, too, until they called me into work today.


  3. That heart quilt looks fab so far in between jobs, sewing,day trips and sleeping in the time will probably fly.

  4. I bet it wil be beautiful! I wish "I" had 3 weeks off, that would be awesome!

  5. I really like it so far... so you quilt in small pieces and then sew those pieces together?

  6. Wait until the whole thing is finished. You'll get a better idea. And if it's not the best thing you've ever finished at least you tried something different.

    The bags were a great success. Thanks so much.


  7. Well I'm sorry Missy but you weren't one of the ones that transferred over so I had to wait until I got your link!!!

    Great to see you, loving the brunette photo and the cool necklace and the cool bags....

    Looks like you have been extremely busy.

  8. Anonymous4:48 PM

    The quilted hearts are just Beautiful!! Love, love the colours!! Outstanding!! You can finish it and send it to me if you will! I'll send you my address!! We are going to have a heat wave the next few days. It's going to be in the upper 30's F ...debbie

  9. Yes, I love it too, Chris! And, BRAVO for the courage to try something new.That would also make a wonderful "Valentine's Day" gift.

  10. That's how I feel right now about my kids! They are so wrapped up in their new stuff I'm getting stuff done.

    ...but with more stuff to play with, house is getting messy faster!

  11. That certainly is a scientific table you have there in the first picture. Here it has been very chilly and breezy. Long pants and sweatshirts for me. What do you mean when you say the water is cool? Here the water is warmer than the air!


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