Tuesday, November 30, 2010


As I did 5/8th's of f#$k all housework yesterday....  I shall be doing it today!

Kelly and Rena go home today.... and I am going to Patchwork Class first thing, then posting some 'Cute Bags' to a couple of girls in Aussy..... after that... the housework.  yaaaaaaaaaaaa, pffft.

ABOVE:  Kelly and Rena slept on the couch the other night due to the smell of the carpet cleaner... Kelly snores!  Brylee and Griffin thought it was funny!  *smiles*
Teddy and Coco didn't mind, they liked the company on 'their' couch. 

OH!   I have found a 'boyfriend' for Coco for next time she comes into season!   He's a Shih Tzu from Warkworth.... I am wrapt... he's lovely.

ABOVE: That's him... on the right,  with his 'wife' on the left and one of their babies in front.  Coco is going to be 'the other woman' in his life...  (or his 'bit on the side')... ha ha ha!

Right... gotta go, things to do..
ABOVE:   the lipstick marks.... I've put the Cavalier Stain Remover on 5 times... we still have marks. 
I didn't ring our Insurance Company as we have a $250 excess... and there is no way I'm paying that to have someone else try and get it out!
I will try again today to get more of it out.... and then try something else I suppose.

I came home early from Patchwork... there is just so much housework to be done it was preying on my mind.
So it's back into washing clothes, vacuming, washing floors, dusting... you get the drift.

And I want to have a break this afternoon... and enjoy the quiet.  Rena is a noisy visitor... she screamed and cried whenever her mother left her sight.    Add to that her total aversion to Stew and Me... it just made me sad. 

Housework.. well I'm still working on it... there is a lot to do... and sadly I have the mother of all headaches.  It's hot.  I think I now dislike summer and the heat.

End of Day:  we went to KFC for dinner... which was nice as I did not feel like cooking in the heat with a headache.  Off now to potter around in me garage, make a few cards or whatever.  nite nite.


  1. Oh my gosh that looks mighty comfy there with the baby AND the dogs haha.

  2. Anonymous7:00 AM

    How's the carpet?

    Kate (kittie444@hotmail.com)

  3. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Puppies!! How much fun that will be!! And a lot of work for you! Oh! but they are so cute! I can't wait for my new puppy!! Shouldn't be long now! Every one looks quite comfy on the couch! lol...debbie

  4. Aw, Kelly and Rena look so cute sleeping on the couch with Coco and Teddy! And we all snore at my house...the hubby, me, the dog and both cats! So no one here cares! LOL!

    I didn't know you were going to breed Coco....I'll bet she has some lovely pups. Hope the "Mrs." Dog doesn't care! LOL!!



  5. Hope things are going ok with Brylee. The pups are cute! :)

  6. Ok, then maybe call a carpet cleaning company - they will know all the tricks I'm sure :)

  7. The boyfriend looks very handsome indeed, I bet the puppies will be so DARN CUTE!! I have just managed 40 mins gardening and THATS it it is too darn hot I have been into town already done 2 loads washing and gardens, I am now in me "lavalava" and might sunbake soon for only 10 mins a side I am building up to brown again.

  8. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Oh dear.... I used to get told to iron with a brown bag over the top to get the waxy stuff off... then try again with the cleaners.... but hmmm... doesn't look good (sorry!!)

    Kate (kittie444@hotmail.com)

  9. Sending more love and hugs.

    Can't help with carpet, sorry. Lipstick and toddlers aren't a good mix. Wish they didn't have so much fun with it.

  10. Lucky Coco! He is a handsome devil.

    Don't worry about Rena. She'll grow out of the clingy stage. At least you got to see her.

    Wish I had some tips for that carpet cleaner. Did you try bicarb soda and vinegar?

  11. It must be nice to have the house back in order isn't it?

    Don't upset yourself about Rena, it is just a stage she is going thru.

  12. Anonymous2:30 PM

    just emailed you about de solv it - have used this on foundation that was smothered on a door, a work cleaner passed it on to my husband and has been successful on some - not all carpet stains - it's not too expensive to try but stinks so make sure the windows are open.

    Good Luck

  13. Anonymous9:49 PM

    awwww, rena will come around. just keep seeing her as much as poss.

  14. Anonymous10:45 PM

    I realised that lipstick has petroleum jelly in it, so I rubbed some Vaseline into the lipstick stain on my carpet and it disappeared. Just rub the petroleum jelly into the stain well with your fingers. Then scrape the jelly up with a paint scraper or butter knife. Then use dish soap and warm water to clean up the rest of what is left behind. You may have to repeat the Vaseline step, depending on how much lipstick is in the carpet. Good luck.

    Cheers Lou

  15. Try WD 40 on the carpet!!! Your husband probably already has a can around somewhere!

  16. I love your dogs! How gorgeous are they? I'm sorry I can't help you with the lip stick...we had the same problem when Miss 17 was a baby and decided to "redecorate" her mum's room with mum's lipstick lol...The stain is still in the carpet conveniently covered with little throw rugs *grin*

  17. i TOTALLY see something dirty in those lipstick marks.

    i cant be the only one, can i?

  18. Sucks when the little ones don't want you!

  19. O Cocoa's new "fellow" is sooo handsome!

    Sorry about the headache! Have you tried acupressure ? It is the web space between your thumb and first finger back where the meat is . Just press and hold tight for a while. If you hit the right spot - after a few seconds you can usually feel that headache kinda melting away-unless it is something bigger - like the flue hitting you. :)

  20. Anonymous1:03 PM


  21. when I had a stain on carpet the insurance (AMI) said that if the carpet cleaner couldn't get the stain out they would take the cost of cleaning off our excess, as we have a large excess too. They couldn't get it out so insurance took off $150 off our excess (that was 2 goes by the carpet cleaners to get the stain out). The carpet cleaner man said that a lot of stains are set by people trying to get them out themselves, so I would just bite the bullet and get the professionals in. Ask your insurance company if they do take the cost of cleaning off your excess, you maybe pleasantly surprised.

  22. Anonymous8:40 PM

    One of my dogs is sweet, and gorgeous but actually stupid!


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