Friday, November 05, 2010


ABOVE:  a wee taste of the two new 'Cat/Green' bags.   I've not got much to do to finish them both! 
SPARKLING:  I hope you like them!   Will  post 'full' pictures later on today.

Speaking of today:  going to finish those two bags, then I'm do a catch up of blogs and commenting... I get so carried away with the sewing and life etc.... pfffffft.. it does tend to get in the way of blogging and being a 'good' blogger!  LOL
Though, as you all know, it does not stop me popping on here a few times a day to update!   But in my defense, updating does not take me long!


It's raining... and pretty new garage door.... LEAKS like a sieve.  Damn and blast it all... will be ringing them at 9am.  Grrrrrr.

The garage door man has been and gone.  He reckons it's just cos the door is freshly stained... the water is running down the wood and pooling... and he thinks it should stop soon?

So.... here BEGINS the 'SAGA OF THE GARAGE DOOR'.  F*#k I hope it doesn't drag on like the SEWING MACHINE FROM HELL SAGA.   *sigh*

PHEW.... the finishing of those two bags took way longer than I expected.  Still... they are done now!  Yaaa... two more done and SOLD... Thank You very much.... *smiles*

ABOVE:  Taaa Daaaa... what do we think???

Off now to troll the blogs...

So... I have read and commented on a few blogs..... which took me a few hours!  Done ... not reading any more today!  Waiting for Stew to bring dinner home (takeaways of some sort) and looking forward to a quiet evening.
I re-arranged the lounge furniture again... fuck far out that 3-seater is HEAVY!
And there was a reason for moving it all... will show and tell tomorrow. 

End of Day: hells bells!  I have been so busy tonight... snuggling up with the hubby then sewing!  I made my own pattern for a wee bag tonight and have made 1 dummy run... it's so I get an ordered bag 'right' tomorrow!    What fun. Now:  it's friggin 11.40pm and I am tired... time to hit the sack.  nite nite.


  1. ohhhh mad now... bloggers eating my comments...
    love the cats...
    did you get the message i sent about the package?
    i am holding the contents hostage until the shower on the 27th!

  2. Your new door leaks?? Oh, no! Hope there is no damage to the actual house!

  3. Cute, cute, cute....those cat bags! Love 'em! And boy do I know what you mean about sewing and life getting in the way of blogging...I get so far behind some days and end up playing catch up for a few days afterwards!

    Sorry to hear your new garage door leaks...that really sucks! Hope it gets resolved quickly!



  4. Cute cats.

    me too trying to catch up with Blog reading then I'll do a new post before I finish house ... Feel tired already.


  5. You are so clever, I can't sew on a button. How are the doggies going?
    Martine x

  6. luuuuuv the bag with the green and white striped lining Chris,

  7. Those cat bags are neat leaking garage door Oh how nice never heard of that before my friends 2 of them have that exact same door I asked them if their doors EVER leaked they said NOPE!

  8. Love love love them :)

  9. Anonymous10:17 PM

    So when are you doing a doggy bag? HA HA! Kitty bags are cute! WOMBAT

  10. I LOVE those bags!!! The actualy design is so practical and I love the cats:) I haven't blogged for a while....and still haven't:)P I will get back into it shortly...just had "stuff" going know?! I hope your stupid garage door doesn't continue to leak!!

  11. Oh how cute are all those cats:) Gotta love cat as much as my cats like laying on it, given half a chance:)



  12. Anonymous3:12 AM

    LOVE THE KITTY PRINT!! JUST ADORABLE!! You've got a great eye for fabric, wow! They are great! ...debbie

  13. Thanks for stopping by. I've missed following your antics too. I should be back to normal routine next week. Only one problem my new system has Explorer 9 and for some reason it will not let me post on blogger. GRRRRRRRR. Fortunately I can still comment. Hope all is well, have a good weekend.

  14. Your sewing "business" is certainly taking off!

    Those cat bags are adorable. Not as cute as my real little kitties but close!

  15. UGH it leaks?? That sucks. :(

    The cat bags turned out great!!


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