Sunday, November 28, 2010


Here's some photos from yesterday:

ABOVE: The most gorgeous 'formal' garden ... with the pretty fountain, herbs and spices, roses etc.

ABOVE:  the front lawn, where we could play crochet.... but not many did.

ABOVE:  everywhere you looked you found soft toys... the girls who organised the 'do' did such a good job!

ABOVE:  The 'Queen of Hearts' giving Stew some 'grape tea' from a teapot.... lol... it was wine.

ABOVE:  Dear, darling Jackie, one of my bestest friends here in Auckland.  She is also a 'Work Colleague' of Stew's.

ABOVE (x 2):  The two girls who made it all happen, and the bloke works with Stew too.... he looked fantastic.... but hot!  It was a really hot day.

ABOVE:  two photos from around the garden... this home was set in an acre or so of gorgeous gardens and pergola's... it was heaven.

TODAY:  Well it is supposed to be another really lovely, hot day.  We might just head off to the beach with the kids and Kelly.  Time will tell...


It's a super-dooper hot day!  we opted not to go to the beach afterall... did some jobs around the house then went to Sylvia Park Mall for lunch and a look around.  So did 20,000 other people.  The mall was packed to the gunnels.  *sigh*

ABOVE: Oh to be so little that you can go around in only ya knickers!  Even the dogs seem happier now.

Talking of dogs... ours have learnt to JUMP... so now they just jump over the barriers set up to keep them out of the bedrooms and lounge.  I am quite annoyed by that as Coco is still into chewing anything and everything.  Off to the mall again soon to look for a doorguard that they can't get over, through or under.

We've spent the afternoon making dog 'jump proof' barriers.  Bought a gate for the hallway too.

Young Rena was put into the bedroom by Brylee and Rena got hold of her mother's lipstick and proceeded to draw on the carpet with it.  NOT good.  So cross with Brylee for putting her unsupervised into the bedroom... can't be angry with Rena, she's only two afterall.  

I got a really good short video of her and the carpet.. will put it up tomorrow.

End of Day:  have spent the last few hours in the garage making cards.... will Kelly doing some of the 'donkey work' for me.  Yaaaa.  Time for bed, it's 11.30 pm.  nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    What a terrific place!! Oh! My gran girls would love to go there!! Beautiful place! I wouldn't mind going myself. You have a lot of neat things to do close to you, which is really nice!...debbie

  2. Oh my gosh the mad hatters place looked divine, the costumes VERY cool, what a gorgeous venue! It was super duper hot alright that's for sure!Have an awesome day.

  3. Anonymous2:44 PM

    With the beautiful white and red roses, that was the perfect garden to have a mad hatters "Tea Party", not that any tea was drunk I take it Ha ha!(only grape tea!) The dogs look nice and cool now! Hope those car-load of hoons didn't get your number plate yesterday! WOMBAT

  4. Wow looks like an awesome day!

  5. What a fantastic garden. In Singapore, you have to be a multi billionaire to own something like that! No pics of you in a hat?

  6. That party sounds and looks fantastic. How interesting! And those gardens! Wow!

    Don't the wee little pests look lovely all shorn like that? It will do them good for summer though, won't it.

  7. Looks like a great party!! I feel your pain with the dogs rusty always gets out of the pen.

  8. We use pieces of chipboard/masonite for our good old fashioned barriers, works a treat too! The kids have learnt to slide them across and walk out and put them back in place at last!

    Ouch @ lipstick on the carpet - hope it comes out easily!

    I'll try not to be so slack from now on, i've been MIA for far too long and have missed your blog!


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