Friday, November 19, 2010


After Stew spoke to his Real Estate Associates, and listening to their advice we have decided to NOT sell and move afterall.

-We live in the MOST desirable area in south Auckland.  People strive to get into this area... we are already here.
- The house I fell in love with is NOT a good buy...  lots of reasons according to the Estate guys.. the motorway ( it's a 6 lane highway/interstate) being the biggest reason NOT to buy it...
The pool is an old concrete one,  which equals lots of maintenence.  The list went on and on...

So, putting my 'sensible' hat on.. we are not going to buy it!  I think we will always wish we had a bigger house, with room for a pool... but we just have to be thankful for what we already have.

AND ONE DAY.... the kids will be grown and leave  home and we will have enough room!  ONE DAY.

I'm off to the Doctor's first thing this morning.  I have my fingers crossed he can give me something else that will stop the hot flushes?  My temper is trigger happy right now.... I am sooooo over getting all hot and bothered

Went to the Dr's... he has doubled the pill I am already taking, thinks that will work.  He also said I would probably have less hot flushes if I lost weight.   I'm sure weight does not affect hot flushes, but I might be wrong?  Anyone know???  OH AND HE SUGGESTED I get Aircon in my bedroom!  Ha ha ha... like I spend all day in my BEDROOM???  What a dork.

I mentioned my painful heel.. it hurts when I walk.. but not when I put my weight ON the foot, it hurts when I lift my foot up!  He said it was probably all to do with my weight AGAIN.  BULLSHIT! 

Why in the hell do Dr's always try to 'blame' one's health issues on our weight EVERY TIME??
I left there feeling even more crabby, if that is possible.
Hopefully the double dose of pills will stop the hot flushes....

ABOVE:  some cute sheepskin lined booties I got from the Hospice Shop this morning.  For Emily... oooo I can't wait till she gets here!

NO... I will NOT be moving everything back now that we are not moving.... I NEED that spare bedroom!  We will no doubt have family visiting over the summer who will use it.  *sigh*.... I am destined to work in the garage forever I reckon.

We have visitors coming for dinner.  Stew's sister and his cousin and her daughter who are visiting from America.  We are doing a BBQ.   I am feeling.... blah.  Tired, hot and crabby.
Don't know what sort of company I am going to be!

The dinner numbers just grew by two.. now got cousin/her daughter/her son/her son's freind and SIL coming.  Yaaaaa.. the more the merrier.

AND I just had a coldish shower..OMG I havn't felt that good all day!  It was BLISS  just standing there under the cool water.. I didn't want to get out!

I turned the sprinkler on my fruit trees this afternoon for 2 hours.... it is getting very dry already.  NOW... it is starting to rain.  HOW. BLOODY. TYPICAL.

End of Day:  and we have had a really lovely evening!  Dinner was spendid... the company was awesome and I am soooo stuffed!  Couldn't even eat dessert!  Company has gone home now (it's 11pm) and we are ready for bed.  nite nite
(I forgot to take photos!) Derrrrrr.


  1. Good luck with the doctor. I hope he/she has some answers for you. Hot and bothered is no fun at all.r

  2. Wise thinking re the house. Now... is there any way you can make your current house more user friendly? Is there any possbiliy of making better/different use of an area? Adding and extra area? There are some amazing space saving type furniture out there now one of which is the workbench/office that completely turns into a bed without moving one item like your machine etc. Worth a thought, cheaper than moving that is for sure!

  3. Me again.. this is what I was talking about (not cheap though).

  4. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Good. Your house is beautiful!!!

  5. on the last season of Amazing Race here in the US, they travelled thru Auckland. It really looked like a beautiful area...

  6. Oh welll... time to move everything back I guess lol! :)

  7. My parents has a pool when we were younger & it is a HEAP of cost & work, there are so many nice beached & public pools around too.

    Good luck with the Doc.

  8. Does this mean you will be moving everything out of the garage again this weekend and back into a craft room....??? And good luck at the docs. :-)

  9. hope the dr helps... glad that you rethunk the house LOL... of course would expect no less than a through think through before doing something so big. :)
    have a great day!

  10. I am so glad that you are not moving house. Your home is lovely, and you are right...when the kids leave, it will be perfect for the two of you.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  11. It doesn't sound like the Dr was much help. Hopefully the extra pill will help in the meantime. Have you got your TV & my Sky set up in the garage so you can watch while you work?

  12. Anonymous3:00 PM

    That isn't your toothpick heel playing up is it? Doctors can be idiots. If overweight people get the same health problem as skinny people, it is always the 'extra weight's fault not the 'skin and bones' fault! WOMBAT

  13. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Sorry the Dr made you crankier! He needs to work on his manor me thinks. Hope the pills help!!!

    Happy Birthday to Griffin for yesterday!

  14. Hope the pills work. I don't believe everything is related to weight but perhaps it does have a little bearing. When the body is run down, things don't work like they should. But it's not just weight that runs the body down. Illness, stress, all those things. Weight is just one of them. But don't take it to heart, love. You are not the fattest lady out there to get hot flushes, just one of millions. So put a grin on your face, turn on that air-conditioning in the lounge, and kick up your heels. Enjoy life, make the most of everything, and to hell with the hassles! xxx

  15. Yes, losing weight can help the menopause symptoms. It's to do with adipose tissue (fat!) releasing hormones and also when we are carrying a bit of weight we are better insulated! But that is not an answer a doctor should give. It will HELP but is not the cause. He should be managing your symptoms better.

    The foot sounds like a plantar fasciitis. Dr Google can explain it better than me. Yes losing weight will help but so will anti inflammatories, physio and orthotics if it gets really bad.

    Bloody doctors. I saw mine this morning cos my cholesterol is very very high but at least he didn't suggest I lose weight. I would have decked him!

    Glad you're not moving. I like your house :)

  16. Do you walk around barefooted at home? If you do, try wearing footwear with soft but good support. It will help with your heels. Painful heels is a common problem with women over 40s. It comes and it goes.

  17. Chris

    God love ya, the joys of menopause, I am just starting so have this to look forward to. If it is any consolation, I have a history of bad feet in the family, like you I get told it is about the weight - I get annoyed as it isn't. Do sympathise with it all. You know when the kids leave, you will have another set of grandchildren wanting to stay over - (lol). Take care petal. Martine xx

  18. Hope you had some fun with your visitors.

    Menopause flushes and diet and dopey Drs. Uggh!

    I believe there is a diet that reduces the unpleasant symptoms including hot flushes. ... But don't ask me for details. I think it might include Omega 3 and fewer carbohydrates.

    I hope someone can help you.

  19. Sorry you feeling so crabby, maybe aircon in the bedroom was TO keep the temp cooler for sleeping weightloss may help the issue BUT wont be the miracle cure either, ice bath!!! is all I can suggest.

  20. get air con for the garage..:-)

  21. OMG - you use sprinklers??? I'm way to cheap to actually pay for more water than I need to wash. My lawn is already cracked and brown but I'm blowed if the council is making money out of me watering it! No wonder we had to buy our beach house, water is FREE down there :)

  22. Anonymous2:10 AM

    I have been meaning to tell you how much I like the colour of your hair. Love, love, love it!!!! Gorgeous!!! Get these pills for hot flushes and after 3 weeks you will notice a difference. Mum takes them and swears by them. They advertise them in Oz all the time for hot flushes. Harmony, by Martin & Pleasance. Get them from any chemist, all natural around $20 for 60 tablets. Talk soon. Love Chris in Melbourne xxx

  23. "They" always look to blame someone or something!
    Usually, it's me!! Maybe I'll catch a break on this one, eh?

  24. Anonymous8:32 AM

    not sure about the menopause symptoms as I'm not quite there yet but definately I notice I feel the heat more when I'm heavier - like now, wasn't such an issue when i lost weight now the weights back I'm hot again

  25. Doctors blame overweight because it's an easy target - puts the onus back on the patient and absolves the dr from responsibility! Blame the victim, eh. Having said that, weight does play a part, as Sparklingmerlot (mmm - merlot) says.

  26. I hear so many stories about weight being blamed by GP's and I thank God every day for my Dr. In the 10 years he's been our GP he has not ONCE told me to lose weight, blamed my weight or even mentioned my weight. 10 years and at times I was over 120kgs... He knows that being healthy isn't just about your size!

    Sounds like staying put is a good plan Chris, the grass isn't always greener hey...

    Enjoy the rest of you weekend!

  27. Oh well you just answered my question from the last post I read lol.

    It's been raining here. It rains almost EVERY WEEKEND but is super nice during the week when we all have to work. :pouting:


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