Sunday, November 14, 2010


ABOVE:  the house I have my eye on.  I think Stew has reservations about the motorway being so close.... but I am sure we would get used to the hummmm of traffic.  AND that pool is to die for..... *drool*
I'm going to suggest we put our house on the market and see what happens.  It probably will take ages to sell... and maybe that house will be gone by then.... but you never know eh?

I think Amanda is popping in today... she mentioned it a couple of days ago.  That will be nice....

The real estate agent who was showing us that house yesterday suggested I check out the North Shore market too... so if Amanda gets here at a decent time we might just go over there and check it out.  The estate agent said it was a really good market... so it's an option too.


My head is spinning... thinking of all the things I need to do to get this house ready for sale!  I will need to move all my sewing/card making stuff into the garage again so we have a 'spare' bedroom again.  AND that is only the start!  I am freaking out really.  Do I really want to go through all THAT again?  Open Homes... keeping the house spotless?  And it could take months?  And what if the house we want sells?  So much to think about.

WE went and checked out the North Shore market... way way too busy and crowded for me!  You have to be there at about 3am in the morning, queue for hours to get a site... and there is no guarantee you will even get a site!  Stuff that. 

Home now and going to have lunch then start moving shit.

He is down in Palmerston North and has to work today.  What a bummer.

Been flat out super busy all afternoon... moving ALL my craft/sewing stuff down into the garage AGAIN... the guys (Stew, Andrew and Sky) have been moving all the heavy stuff while the kids (Brylee, Griffin, Huston and Joel) have been taking down all the small stuff.  MY GOD I have a lot of shit.   It's now 5.30 and Stew is getting dinner while I fluff about getting things in some sort of order.

Griffin is back in his 'old' room with two single beds and we have a 'spare' double room.  IF we put the house on the market it will present much better that way. 

OH HELL I'M TIRED.  And I have heaps more to do yet.

End of Day:  and I thought it would be days before I had the change around all done... but you know me... it has to be done  NOW!  So it is.   Tomorrow I will do some fine tuning and vacum ... but that is all!  So, so tired now.  Bet I sleep well tonight!  nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Exactly how close is the road? I wouldn't want to listen to traffic and especially trucks in the evenings while I'm trying to relax. The tile in the pool is crooked. lol ...didn't know you were looking for a new house....debbie

  2. Very exciting looking for a new house, even if this isn't the one.
    I hope you find some others you like today....with pools.

  3. Hey Chris! FYI I am nosy and was able to pop on to, use the listing number and find the exact location of the new house.

    You don't need to worry about me showing up at your door, but you might want to blank out the info for the next viewer.

    BTW it is REALLY lovely in the harveys listing too and has some pics not in the brochure. Conveniently (or not! if you have any weirdos reading your blog) it shows right where it is next to the motorway by google maps.

    So... if you're serious about the house, just saying you might want to blank that bit out. But I'm glad I got to see it. It looks like a place that YOU would transform into something ohh, more dark blue and colourful and even more lovely!


  4. O MY - O MY - O MY- talk about a "big watermelon"! O MY! O MY!

    We did think of selling one time years ago. We even found a place we loved. Paid all the fees and went through all the hoops you had to jump and the date that we were suppose to sign our John Henry's -the deal fell through and we both were crushed , not counting all the money we had paid to have the title searched and what ever else it was you had to do. I loved it because of the fact that it had a little orchard and DH loved it because it was on a little river where he could fish.

    OOOOO, I forgot to tell you that we got to watch the Coastline last night and they talked about Auckland(hope I spelled that right??? Since I cannot seem to run an embroidery machine - I probably cannot spell either!)Dang IT!

    That is a beautiful place and I am drooling over the pool too!!!!! Good for your health doesn't hurt either! I can't swim, but if I had that I would sure Learn! LOL

  5. Well considering you have a stall to prepare for and a hectic few weeks ahead I say wait, happy days ever consider water reflects off at an angle because it is moving and would make the tiles appear crooked.

  6. Haha or not maybe the photographer was on an extreme angle who knows either way POOL PARTY!!!

  7. Your house is always spotless so that's one less thing for you to worry about!
    You're a brave woman to think about moving again!!

  8. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Oh my goodnesss... you are moving stuff... you mean like moving stuff into the garage for open homes!! You don't piss around do ya???

    Anyhoo - have had a shite week, shite time all around and am feeling blah... had a bit of a shop at Sylvia Park which took the edge off (a bit) with my sister... but feeling blah again.... wish WE would decide to move (not that I don't like my house - I love it - but not the area so much...

    Oh woe is me... work sucks - that's my main big shitpile at the moment and only a few weeks left and then I'm part time!!! YYYAAAAAYYY!!!!..

    And I stalked the Harveys listing too - looks really groovy!! Oooh JEALOUS. All that space!!

    Ahh... I feel better after my vent.. thanks!

    Hope you're having a good day and GO YOU with the house... I like it...

    Kate (

  9. Anonymous2:24 PM

    if the windows are good, the noise won't matter inside. play music outside!!!! pretty house!

  10. Chris, I'm not exactly sure what a motorway is but if it's like a highway in S'pore I would never live next to a highway. The noise would drive me insane.

  11. Anonymous3:05 PM

    awesome house!! I am sure you could get yours ready to sell.... its a great time to buy a new home!

  12. but what happens if you don't list your house? Are you gonna move all your stuff back again? I tell ya what... you have a hell of a lot more energy than me that is for damn sure! hehe.. nice house by the way ;)

  13. sounding like u r going to list

  14. Anonymous11:32 PM

    You are gonna be very busy, making stuff for the markets, packing stuff up and preparing the house, then you will have christmas on top of it all! Could some fast-growing hedges be planted along the fenceline of that house to help absorb the traffic noise? That is a beautiful pool.Just imagine a bali hut next to it with some swaying palms in pots... sigh.. WOMBAT

  15. Happy belated birthday to Mike!


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