Wednesday, November 17, 2010


ABOVE:  I got another parcel in the post!  Whooop.. this awesome Fish Quilt Pattern with templates and:

ABOVE: this fabric!  All from a blogger friend in Aussy (Sparklingmerlot)... isn't she sweet?

ABOVE:  I finished one of the 'smaller version' quilts last night.   Just have to do the other one now... then put on the new valances and find the headboards for the beds.  I'm sure they are in the storage room under the house. SOMEWHERE!

Today Chris D and I will no doubt go out and about again.... but we need to be home by lunchtime as my Son-In-Law is stopping in to pick up a few pieces of furniture we have given them.  Yaaa... less clutter in my house.


It is such a glorious day Chris D and I went for a walk in the Botanic Gardens with the dogs.  It really was lovely, and the dogs loved it too... Coco in particular!  She was like a rabbit, bouncing all over the place!  She loved the water too:

ABOVE:  she's having a 'Bad Hair Day' for sure!   I am getting both dogs groomed next week... short for summer.  hee hee he.

Andrew and Sky arrived at lunchtime, so I fed them. As ya do.  Then they loaded up the trailer with the bits of furniture and left.  Chris and I had a quiet, relaxing afternoon sitting in the lounge doing diddly squat!  It's weird doing 'nothing'!
I am taking her out to the airport in a couple of hours so she can fly home again. 

Maybe I won't cook tonight!  lol.... I will be in rush hour traffic afterall!  *hint* *hint* to the hubby!

End of Day:  and I have finished off the day by doing.... NOTHING!  Just chilled out in the lounge with Stew.  Weird.  But true.  nite nite.


  1. Hey Chris - not sure if you have seen this but the lady who writes this blog/website has just won an international blogging award. She is based in New Zealand and her site is all about bringing up grandchildren.. might be work a look as I'm sure you can relate to this :)

  2. Anonymous10:49 AM

    OH! the fish quilt is going to be so cute! how sweet of your friend!! VERY NICE! and I really like the bed!! You did a great job!!...debbie

  3. awesomeness.... i posted the recipe on my blog since several asked for it... saves typing :D
    enjoy :D its delish

  4. Glad of the walk Coco looks cute, its too darn hot here WAS hot when I went into town at 9am COLD night though. Griffins room should look awesome when valances on etc.

  5. O Chris,
    What an awesome day! I absolutey love the Fish pattern -how neato is that!

    And those beautiful fabrics - they are just beautiful !They are a lot like you - so passionate and such a pleasure to look at, as I bet they will be to handle and work with! :)

  6. That Coco, she is just such a poser ! Martine x

  7. Our little Millie is going to doggy day care tomorrow to get short back and sides, we won't recognise her tomorrow afternoon....

  8. You're amazing! Even with company you get crafting done :)

  9. Glad to hear your are "doing nothing" and having a relax. Hopefully dinner will magically appear too!

  10. I am glad you got to have a lovely visit with Chris D.

  11. It sounds like you had a great day! I love the picture of Coco, she looks tired and happy!

  12. the QuiltS look gorgeous Chris. You never cease to amaze me with your innovative ideas. Happy Birthday Griffin. 9... geez, must be years since I've seen you guys.


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