Saturday, November 06, 2010


ABOVE:  So, I moved the furniture AGAIN.....  but I had my reasons this time.   It wasn't from boredom... I swear!

You see.... every morning Stew kisses me goodby, then he kisses me 'Hello' when he gets home from work... and that is usually 'it' as far as physical contact goes until we go to bed... where let me assure you.. we usually GO TO SLEEP!

So, yesterday I decided we needed to be closer more often... I miss cuddles etc.... and thought Hmmmm, how to achieve this?

At night he sits in his Lazy Boy chair and I sit in mine.. no contact can happen like that.  The 3-seater has recliners at both ends... so.... why not have him sit at one end and me spread out over the rest ... and maybe snuggle up beside him?   Not a bad idea...worth investigating... and trying.   So... that is why I moved all the furniture!

Too early to say how it will work... but last night was lovely snuggled up by my man for most of the night...EVEN if it meant I got to watch his sports.   I don't mind.  It's good to be close as possible to the one ya love eh?

TODAY?   Well if it's fine I want to take the front door off it's hinges and sand it down and re-stain it so it matches the new garage door.
AND maybe do some housework.. yeah like THAT will be fun.    NOT.

Don't envy me now!   lol

ABOVE:  a teeny tiny 'girly' bag... for you know.. girly bits and bobs in ya bag.  I made it last night as a dummy run for another bag I have on order... just have to adjust a couple of sizings and I will be good to go!

I have just finished a new wee bag ... I'm calling it my 'Bitty Bag'.... and I will upload the photos of it when BLOGGER lets me!

Well... there's ONE!

And Yaaaaa... another one!
Shit blogger photo uploads can be PAINFUL to do sometimes.  *sigh*

Stew and I took a break from our respective 'jobs' this afternoon and we took off for Mission Bay for an icecream:

 ABOVE:  the very pretty fountain at Mission Bay and:
ABOVE: the best ice cream shop in the whole wide world!  It is SO popular there is always a line of people right out the door and often around the corner!

Home now and thinking about what to do for dinner, think  it will be something easy like BBQ.

End of Day: and I did it again... stayed up late sewing, watching DVD's in me sewing room.   I am seriously thinking of working me butt off and getting enough stock made to have a stall or two in late November and early December.  I can knock out two of the small bags a day easily, and 1 larger CUTE bag a day too.  So it's do-able.  Tired now.. it's 11.34pm and time to go nigh nigh's.  nite nite.


  1. That's a great idea. We have a larger two seater where we sit and snuggle both using one electric velvet I think your plan should surely work.

  2. The water runs down the garage door b/c it's freshly stained??? Good grief. I guess it won't be "freshly stained" after your warranty on the thing runs out, right??

    Cute idea on the snuggles, btw! :)

  3. Now that's what I was talking about with your furniture!!! Looks much better and I like the idea of sitting next to your husband - I usually do and get the odd back rub thrown in for good measure :)

  4. I know what you mean, Chris. I sit and watch Fox News with mine, even though I can't stand it. It's the only time we have for each other (awake).

    Love your purse! Perfect size for your pups, too!

    Hope all is well with you!


  5. To be honest I couldn't see the difference in lounge setting HOW unobservant am I!!!! lol OHHHH you could SEW LAP DOG BAGS!!!!! seeing as the bag is nearly as dam cute as the dog!!!!

  6. Aw, how sweet that you want to sit and cuddly with your honey! Jeff and I are usually in different rooms in the evenings...I'm usually sewing or watching TV in the family room and he's upstairs somewhere watching hulu on his computer!

    At first I thought you were going to say you made Teddy a bag! Ha ha...but it's a really cute girly-girl bag!



  7. Your bags are so cute.

    I love the idea for re-arranging your furniture. Gotta be creative to get a man where you want him. *smile*

  8. Hey, the lounge looks great that way doesn't it? I love having us all sit around together lounging on the couch.

    Those bags are terrific! You are so clever! I love hand made things, makes you appreciate them more and they usually last a lot longer too! xx

  9. Anonymous1:47 PM

    I love the ad on TV for Lazy boy chairs. If your ad is the same as ours where they ask, do you know what a lazy boy is, I always yell out, "yeh, I married one! Husband is not impressed! We got rid of our recliners and got a normal couch and chairs but we use cube footstools. That way we can share a cube and play footsies! WOMBAT

  10. Anonymous1:54 PM

    I like your new arrangement and hope your cuddly idea works really well for ya'!!! lol What color is your garage door? Did I miss something??...debbie

  11. I need to try the cuddle on the couch thing. If only he didn't watch such boring tv.

    Love the little bag!

  12. New lounge-room arrangement looks great, and I'm so jelly of your huge flat-screen TV.

    I've been doing some furniture re-jigging this weekend also (something I never usually do).

    I've shifted some bookshelves around, so move my computer desk to accommodate Tom and his computer. In his desks space, I'm putting a chest of drawers and, in time, Corbin's cot as his nursery will in our "study".

    Right now he sleeps in a "Moses basket" which we lug around the house depending on where we are, and into our bedroom at night.

    Currently, we are using our hall table to keep all his clothes and the dining table to change and bathe him etc. So, yeah, he definitely needs his own space!

  13. Awesome, as usual, oh talented one!

  14. You are getting very clever with your thing I have never attempted

  15. came by to say hi!!

    are you still on FB??


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