Friday, November 26, 2010


Yesterday afternoon I worked on a few cards of the larger variety, using a fabric I hadn't used before.  This is how they are looking:

ABOVE:  They are a more 'musculine' card... one that some chick would buy for her man/dad/brother.  Well, I hope so anyway.

Today:  yaaa it's Friday.  Weird how I like Fridays and Mondays!  It means I have nothing 'on' today.. I can do what I like.
Which will be make more cards.
Play with me dogs.
Lie on the couch even!

ONWARD.... I've 'stuff' to do!...

ABOVE:  so... I didn't make cards.  I did some of the 'donkey work' and punched out kiwi's, ferns, anchors and large ferns, put most of them through the embosser (Cuttle Bug) too... that lot took me over 4 hours to do!   
The only consolation:  I won't have to do any more for a while!  

It is now 1.12pm and the dog groomer is due ...ooops she's here right now!  Gotta go...  OH DAMN!  The dog groomers that are so good with the dogs are closing their business in February!   NOW I have to go about finding a new one.. one that I like, who does a good job.  *sigh*

As for today, they are both getting clipped VERY SHORT to keep them comfy over the summer.  I think I will be horrified when they are shorn... but it needs to be done.... I suppose.  Teddy has gone first... and he's not howling, which is great.

Coco is going beserk inside cos she can't see Teddy... she loves that boy.

ABOVE:  Coco freshly shorn.... she looks so different!

ABOVE:  Teddy... the grumpy boy!  He hates having his photo taken!  YES.. really!

ABOVE:  He got sick of me trying to photograph him and tried to hide under the table.... Coco joined him.. but her growled at her...the grumpy little bugger.

End of Day:  and we have Kelly and Rena here for the weekend.  That's 'it' for the day... going to have a relaxing evening.. nite nite.


  1. The cards for a guy?
    Or a nice "Boi!"
    Throw some plaid on there and reach a whole new market!

  2. Enjoy your day... put your feet up! xxx

  3. your an amazing woman.

  4. Can't wait to see pictures of your "naked" dogs. It will be very good for them to be short over summer. Good luck finding another groomer. It sucks when you find a good one then they leave!

  5. You have been working hard. It is great the kids love doing some of the prep work, keep letting them do it before they realise it is actually work.

    You could hold kids holiday or after school programmes and teach them to make cards AND get paid for it.

    I look forward to the photos of the newly clipped dogs.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. ha more kids into the fray to help I THINK not Those kiwis and ferns look like HEAPS DON'T sneeze or drop them that would be a disaster waiting to happen!!!

  7. Another nice batch of cards. Have a fun weekend with your visitors.

  8. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I really like your masculine cards! They're great! and the dogs look so cute! I love Coco's ears with the little bit of black on them! So cute! ...debbie


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