Thursday, November 11, 2010


ABOVE:  spent all of yesterday afternoon cutting out these bags... so now all I have to do is sew them!  Won't be this morning though.

Today taking the boy to his Speld lesson.... might go to Pukekohe too.  We will see...

Before that though I must go to the post office and see about sending some bags to Aussy for Sparkling... 

AND I suppose I should visit me Dr soon too.  The hot flushes are coming back again... even though I am taking medication and it worked for a while, it ain't working all the time now... the hot flushes are creeping back in and it's making me even more crabby than normal!


Just got home from Speld lesson... driving in the garage I hear the phone going.... I jump outta the car ... answer the phone:
It's 'An Eye For Art' down in Manukau... they want 50 gift cards by tomorrow!  OH FUCK!  I only have 43 made.. I sent the rest up north with Lacy.... and she ain't returned them like she said she would weeks ago!!

So, the sewing is on HOLD... I must make more cards... not only for the Manukau shop, but also... now I have none of the little gift cards ready for the next order up in Whitianga.. god help me if SHE rings me and wants more really soon! 


ABOVE:  been pulling me finger... think I've made about 12 this afternoon... still have to do the inside and back.... and then wrap with cellophane... but should have them ready by tomorrow!  I had forgotten how much I loved making them too!   The 'Fat Lady' gift cards are a first... I've made bigger cards using this fabric, but not the teeny gift cards.  I think they look so bloody cute!  Don't you?

End of Day:  been working oops I mean not working all afternoon/evening and have managed to get a good few cards made.  Tired from not working now... so off to bed. nite nite.


  1. What between bags, casserole carriers, placemats and !! cards you should do well at your stall, INFACT if you are thinking of moving have half as like a garage sale too get rid of some excess anything!

  2. I hear you on the hot flushes... nothing really prepares you for them as I have discovered!!

  3. Um... don't forget these cards a hand made - these shops should not expect you to have them ready that fast. Don't feel bad saying that you can part fill the order and the rest will be there next week or whatever.

  4. you should do awesome!
    showed my cousin the package you sent she LOVES it all too! cant wait till the 27th to let the little brat see too :) lol

  5. I think the stall is a brilliant idea and a wonderful outlet for the multitude of talents you have. You are going to rock.

  6. Oh the hot flashes.......just when I think I'm done with them they start back again. Stress sometimes triggers mine!!

  7. Geez woman where do you find all the time??!! I get tired just READING your blog *grin*

    I'm really not looking forward to THAT time of life and it's creeping up slowly on me! Hot flushes...ERK!

  8. wow exciting! Good luck with the market, can't wait to see how you do!

  9. The fat ladies cards are gorgeous as always. Of course now I know first hand what I'm talking about! You know, you have a happy problem. Orders to fill!!!

  10. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I read about you over here in the UK, and can only assume over there where you are there are 36 hours in a day.

    I just get so shattered, just reading how much you do in a day. God love yer gal what you on. cos what ever it is I want some ....

    seriously you are an inspiration.

    joanna UK.

  11. Wow, I love these fat lady designs - got any left?


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