Thursday, November 25, 2010


Last night I sat in the lounge and punched dots...Stew said "how on earth do you put them on the cards?"... well with a PIN of course!  lol

ABOVE:  see, they are TINY... and sometimes I do wonder if I am mad making them!  It took me over 2 hours to make that many dots....  and now my right hand is so sore! 

But it has to be done (OK, not really) but I love using them! 

Today:  taking the boy to his Speld lesson, and while I wait for him I am planning to punch ... STARS!  lol  

Nothing else to report on right now.... so...

So... home again... got an aching hand from punching stars for hours... so will take a break for a while me thinks.
BLONDIE:  ahhh, some things just ain't gunna be mentioned on my blog... like 'girly' things to do with Brylee!  Some things are PRIVATE.  Gawd imagine how she would feel if I started talking about her body/puberty! 

I do believe her behaviour is due to her personality though.  Nothing else. 

Off to relax for a wee while.  Tired.

Here is a weird request!  Does ANYONE close-ish to Auckland have a Bichon or Shih Tzu BOY who can make babies with our Coco???  She has just gone into season and I want puppies!  Fingers Crossed someone does.

It's been a quiet afternoon... the kids are home and Stew is not expected home till late tonight... so it will be a looooong afternoon!

It's been a good afternoon!  I got the kids punching out kiwi's, ferns, stars etc... they just love doing it.  Weird

I talked to our vet (thanks JO) and yep, Coco is a bit young yet to breed.  I thought so actually. So, I have plenty of time to line up a boy for her! *smiles*

End of Day: been a long day... time for bed. nite nite


  1. Holy when you tell us you're seeing dots n stars WE will believe you!!! How is Brylee temperament has she had her period yet CAUSE I guess the behaviour could be gearing towards THAT!!! and it doesn't bode well for when that happens eh (my friends JUST 10 yr old daughter got hers LAST WEEK, she has 14 months of primary school left!!! how friggin unfair is that)

  2. Pretty Rainbow Colours!

  3. they are absolutely adorable on the cards! it takes time talent and patience to use them i am sure so dont sell yourself short! :)
    HUGSSSS Laura

  4. true true fair enough, I just guess with that looming it would add to an already volatile situation ( of which I'm sure I didn't really have to point that out either), Of course I wouldn't expect you to TMI about anyone but you.

  5. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Jez, imagine how long it would take to make a kilo of dots? You could sell little bags of them at the markets for wedding confetti! WOMBAT

  6. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Jez, imagine how long it would take to make a kilo of dots? You could sell little bags of them at the markets for wedding confetti! WOMBAT

  7. oooh puppies!!! how cute!!!

  8. All those little stars and dots are so cute!

  9. No seats where I work have to stand all day and 8 hours can be a long day sometimes lol

  10. Thats a lot of dots!!

  11. Hey Chris, how old is Coco?
    My vet told me that it is not reccommended for bitches to get pregnant in their first (or second) season, as their bodies are still growing and not quite mature enough... kind of like a very young teenager getting pregnant.
    We looked at mating Bella but was told that it is best to wait until their reproductive organs are fully matured etc.
    Might pay to talk to your vet??

  12. There's a green one over there in the pinks.
    That must drive you crazier keeping them sorted more than punching them out! I could handle punching them, but not sorting them!
    Look forward to some puppy pics in the not too distant future!


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