Monday, November 08, 2010


ABOVE:  I took this little video of two boys at Maraetai yesterday.  They took simply ages to get the courage to jump in!   There is no way I would be doing it... the water is still FREEZING!!!     I reckon they came out of that water as GIRLS... you know... no balls left!   lol

Today is 'housework' day.... vacuming, washing floors, laundry.... joy oh joy.   I get to use the new vacum again....

Oh and then I will start making some more bags I do believe.  Small and large.

ABOVE: nice foot eh?  ha ha ha... it's there so you can see the size of these bags.  They are so cute.... I like this size bag.  Handy for just popping your wallet, phone etc in.  That is a pocket in the front BTW.  I reckon these will sell well at a market.... well I hope so!  

I still have not booked a stall at Pokeno market yet... but I will! 

I started vacuming at about 9am... then I had a brilliant idea!   So... now I'm doing this:

I'm moving 'stuff' around ... lol.. I can't seem to help myself!  And of course when you move stuff you find ... DUST.   Far out I hate dust. 

so... after looking at those houses yesterday I realised that is would be better to have a LOUNGE separate from the dining area... so that is what I have been working on today.

ABOVE:  this end of the lounge USED to have the dining table there, now it does not.

ABOVE:  the other end of the lounge now. Not much changed there!

ABOVE:  This is where the biggest change has been made!  Now we have a kitchen/diner/family room!   I like it... though now that it's done I can see one huge problem!   The kids playing with the Playstation will have cords running across the 'walking through' part of the room.   Hmmmmm....

So, I think the Playstation will go into Griffin's room.  The photo is deceptive 'Levithaan'... the door is easily accessed and the table is not too near the cabinet at all.   Just come and see for yourself... you can live in the GARAGE ...k!
LYNDA:  It is a big room... and I am soooo not going to get rid of any more furniture!   But thanks for the input anyway.  *smiles*

For the first time EVER:  

ABOVE:  Ummmm... I burnt the chook!   OOOPPPs, now what will we have for dinner?

Got preoccupied reading blogs (don't tell Stew)....

End of Day: managed to find odd 'n' ends for dinner.  Watched a bit  of TV tonight.. just had a quiet evening.  Tired!  nite nite.


  1. I love your bags and I am laughing my butt off at your comment about the boys coming out of the water as girls.

    Hope all is well.


  2. Brrrr .... gotta be heatwave before I'll go in the water!! And yes, I heard what he said LOL.
    Love your bags, yep - I reckon they'll sell well too :o).
    Joy :o)

  3. My god girl you are worse than me..... lol at moving things around. Have put up the xmas tree today though, love having it up early and come Xmas night it goes down lol....

  4. Oh my goodness you should hire yourself out as a furniture mover!!! lol I can see a bigger house in the future LIKE REAL SOON!

  5. Love the idea of the dining room table now in the kitchen/dining/family room but I SOOOOOO know what you mean about playstation cords......yuk!

    Don't worry - you'll have fun thinking of a new plan and then moving everything around again...LOL

  6. Toss a throw rug over the cords, no worries! looks great!

  7. Two comments: I love that the dining table is where it should be but, you have too much furniture. I know you have visitors etc but you need to get rid of some. It looks more like a furniture shop than a lounge!

  8. Sup mummsy,

    The lounge looks good, but im afraid to say the dining room just looks a shade too cluttered for my liking. The table appears to be blocking part of the sliding door, and it seems too close to the cabinet and wall, I thought you would have done a better job then that, considering your vast experience in constantly re-arranging the furniture lol

    Lots of annoying love

    Steve :)

  9. You know, many a time, I've looked around my home for an item to photograph next to my bag for sizing becos too often, customers have gone to my craft market to look at a specific bag they saw on my blog only to say "it's too big/small". It has NEVER occurred to me to use my own foot. So thank you. I'll use my foot next time I need an object for sizing.

  10. OK - that is just foul... excuse the pun!!!

  11. Anonymous8:33 PM

    so why dont you work? just curious?

  12. I'm agreeing with Lynda, love the dining table in it's new place, but you do seem to have so much furniture.

  13. I really love those little bags. After seeing all of the bags you are making,I'm wanting to get my sewing machine fixed and start making things again. It's been years.
    I've left you an award on my blog. Come pick it up!

  14. So many "Anne's"
    It's an Anne/Ann conspiracy!
    Love the bags - Diet Coke Rocks....
    And YOU rock!

  15. The new set up looks wonderful. Can`t believe how often you change things around. Hope you got rid of the bug guts by now. Enjoy the Spring.

  16. I guarantee that chook would still have tasted great! I love well cooked chicken!

  17. Here, when the water gets down to 82 degrees F, it is too cold. I wonder what the temp is there?!!?

    It doesn't look too burnt, I think it's still good!


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