Tuesday, November 02, 2010


ABOVE:  anyone remember this fabric?  I got it online at least a year ago... and now I'm going to make it into a CUTE Bag.   It's a really hysterical fabric.. so up my street.  lol

Today:  Patchwork class, where I will continue to work on the 'Fat Lady' Bag. 

Feeling a bit ho-hum about blogging right now... seems all I blog about it me freakin bags. 
I'm even boring myself.   I must find more patterns for smaller bags to use up all the little left-over bits of fabric.  Anyone got any 'TOTAL IDIOT PROOF' ones?   At least then I will  have something different to show eh?

I am going to visit the Papakura Hospice Shop later on today too... they have a new Manager who I met at our shop last week and I said I'd pop in to see how she's going today.  I've not been in this particular shop before... wonder if it's as good as ours?  Hmmmm....

I was picking crap up off the floor this morning, and I grabbed Griffin's school bag to put it on the bench and thought... "bloody hell that's heavy!  What on earth does he have in there?"

ABOVE:  over TWO DOZEN school reading books!   That bloody little shit has been bringing them home (leaving them in his bag to accumulate) ...but not reading them!  I ask him most days "Got any homework" and he always says no, that his teacher does not give him any because he has SPELD homework!    I know he does not like reading, having dyslexia an all... but surely he also does not like lugging all those books around in his bag???  And has his teacher no NOTICED that she is missing 26 books in the class?  

*sigh*.... I am going to take them back today sometime.   What fun.

So, I went to class fully intending to make the above Fat Lady Bag... but instead I got a new pattern and made this for Brylee's Christmas:

ABOVE:  isn't it adorable!   She will LOVE IT I'm sure... especially when I stuff it full of girly things!
Right.. now it would appear I must finish that Fat Lady Bag... SPARKLINGMERLOT wants it.... choice!

But first... lunch!  Coleslaw today...

End of Day:  and wow, I've sold two bags on me blog today!  AND got an order for two of the new little bags and another of the CUTE bags!  That's quite amazing really.  AND I'm chuffed.  Thanks girls!  On that note, nite nite.


  1. *laughing* Kids!

    The books look as though they would be fun reading so it's a pity he doesn't haul them out to show you the pictures at least.

    I wonder if he can be persuaded to make his own stories about the pictures. I know that's not helping him to read but might bring on a love of books and spur his learning.

    How about patchwork bags. Take more time but I bet you can come up with some really cool designs that will sell like hot cakes on your stall. Just use simple squares. We love your sewing projects so you're not boring us, except for making me feel lazy and guilty about all my UFOs

  2. Hi Chris. Unfortunately Corbin is still not keeping his feeds down and is still in hospital.

    We've been told it "might take a couple of days" for him to get back to normal, but - as ever - I am incredibly worried.

    I just want him to fully recover and to come home and we can all be together again.

  3. At least his bag was not full of old uneaten school lunches :-)

  4. Oh, that sounds so familiar! Dobby hated reading, and she had no excuse. She just wasn't good at it. She still doesn't like it, but if the book is right, eg Diary of a Whimpy Kid, she will actually read the whole book. Lovely to see!

    Good luck with the new bag, that material is super fab!

  5. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Love that fabric and I do remember it! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

    That's funny about the books. Kids! What can you do?

  6. Hi Chris,

    For what it's worth I still check in everyday to see what mischeif you are getting up to and love hearing about and seeing the bags. I don't think it's boring at all and the volume of traffic you get suggests others don't either!

    Have a good afternoon,


  7. That fabric is soooo awesome! If you have any left over, can you make me a hanky? lol

    My ratbag son does that with his books too >:o/

  8. Love the fabric, Chris. If it's not already taken, can I buy it from you? The bag, that is, not the fabric - lol!

    and no, you're not a boring blogger. I love reading about your craft and the kids and everything else.

    Don't you dare change!!


  9. O Chris!
    I totally love the fat lady fabric! That is going to be drop dead gorgeous!

    If I change my name to Brylee - do you think I would get the bag??? LOL

    Boring - YOU - NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not ever change - you are yourself and I LOVE her just the way she is-all talented and beautiful and exciting!;)

  10. You're never boring, Chris - doesn't matter what the subject is, it's the way you say it!

    Those bags are lovely. You are very skilled - I am impressed. I love bags but can't sew to save myself.

  11. I may not comment often (been very slack in even reading lately) but I LOVE your blog and please don't think it's boring :) And I LOVE the bag you have just made for Brylee - how much do you think you would charge to make one of those, as I think Rachel would love one too!

  12. That fabric is hilarious and see you show something and SNAP its sold so there you go ! it's worth showing and telling eh! Well at least Griffin is getting exercise BY LUGGING the books around!

  13. That fabric is fabulous, Chris, and will make such a fun bag. Sparklingmerlot is going to have fun with that!

    Ah boys...Griffin reminds me of my nephew, although Matthew is 18. He gets into so much trouble at school because he won't do his homework. He's a smart kid, just doesn't like bookwork!

    And, you are NEVER boring my friend. But if you want to go and check out some free bag patterns, here's a link for you

    And I know of lots more!



  14. I like reading about your bags, too! I want to see what you stuff in the girly bag before Christmas!

  15. Anonymous6:05 PM

    oooh Oooh OOOOH!!! I want one like Brylee's!!!!!!

    Count me in. Let me know how much or if you want me to get material etc.


    Kate (kittie444@hotmail.com)

  16. Oh happy day! Corbin is doing much better with his feeds and was discharged this afternoon. We've just arrived home with him and couldn't be happier!

  17. Boring Chris...NEVER !!!! I love coming here to read your daily blog... I ♥ it !!
    And those bags are just the cutest !!

  18. That bag is very special! Missy will love it! Good one!

  19. Anonymous10:04 PM

    See, all that blogging about your bags has paid off! It's called advertising! Just hope you don't get a rush of orders from all 213 of your followers! WOMBAT

  20. Congrats on your sale! About your kid, you're lucky it's just books. My girl used to hide uneaten peanut butter bread all over my home!

  21. Anonymous2:09 AM

    The last little bag you made is really very cute! Love the way you did the fabric and the piping. I love piping! You are so good!! You make my day with your cheery attitude. You are so funny!! 26 books?? holy cow!! lol...debbie

  22. I want one!! but I am leary of sending cash in the mail...you need to set up a paypal account lady!!
    read my blog..I'm home...

  23. I agree - Kylee is going to absolutely LOVE that bag! It is wonderful!

    That fat lady fabric is wonderful as well!

    Keep up the good work, Chris.

  24. You could make a book bag and mount in on wheels!
    Really, you are very talented!

  25. My middle one will do that with notes home. Bag will be stuffed full of papers and things I should have seen.

    See you need an etsy shop, then you can show us with a link and someone can go buy it :)

  26. Hi Chris,

    I simply adore that bag you made for Brylee's Christmas present. Just had a brainwave about the bag. If you are having a market stall, could you sew insulated material to the inside of the bag and market them as lunch bags. Add a colourful lunch box and I think every primary aged child would love one!

    Let me know if it can be done and the measurements of the bag and I would be your first lunchbox bag customer.

    Carol :)


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