Thursday, November 04, 2010


WOMBAT:   the placemats.. ummmmm... got put to the side for now.   They will remain UFO's until I get a few more bags done I think!

Today:  off to Pukekohe with Griffin for his lesson.

Then home to make a few of the ordered bags.... or at least make a start on them!

Oh and these are the treasures I bought yesterday:

 ABOVE: this blue glass broach had been in the shop for ages, I've had my eye on it for ages too.. but never bought it earlier as it was not exactly cheap.  Then yesterday a lady almost did buy it and I was thinking: "Oh damn, I really wanted that"... then she changed her I bought it.   I am going to get some gold paint to resore the backing so it's like new again, then try and perhaps make it into a necklace?

The other treasure I bought was this:

ABOVE:  This stunning dress watch... with not one piece of bling missing!  I am giving it to my Sister in law for Christmas.... she loves green and wears this colour often.   I am SURE she will love this!   I do too.


Well... I have had a lovely morning!   I went shopping for fabric... found some awesome bargins... but not what I was truly looking for. 
So, picked up the boy, took him to his lesson then popped over to Pukekohe and YAAAAA.... I found just the right fabric for an ordered bag!  Slightly more expensive in Pukekohe, but too bad!  I knew what I wanted and was just so glad I found it.

Also, once home I got a lovely phone call from my niece in Aussy, and that was so nice!  She's a really nice girl... and a Police Officer too... which means she is always busy... but she takes the time to ring me regularly and I think that is just awesome.

Anyway... gotta go... busy, busy, busy...

End of Day:  and I've been busy all day!  I made a start on two 'Cat/Green' bags this evening... and I'm happy to say I am down to the straps and the hand sewing on both of them.. so by mid morning tomorrow I should have them both done!  And they are looking really cute too.   Time to get to bed, it's 11.22pm!  nite nite.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh both those pieces are very nice by the time you sell the ordered bags you may not need a stall!! lol

  2. That is really cool stuff! I wish there was a store that sold things like that. Great for gifts!

  3. That brooch is lovely - it looks antique. And I can see why you love's blue! :o)

    And that is quite the watch...very unique and pretty. I'm sure your SIL will the thrilled.



  4. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Wow, you got treasures alright! That watch is stunning! If you finish the placemats and post photos, you might get orders for them too! WOMBAT

  5. You got some great stuff and the fabric you wanted too.....sounds like a good day. I'm glad you got the brooch you had your eye on. It is really pretty.

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  7. That watch will make a lovely gift. it is really pretty!

  8. Your SIL is one lucky duck..I love that green watch...hugs Khris


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